Revised list of high-class original motion picture films (1908)

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FEATURE FILMS WE desire to call attention to the fact that in the past three or four years the demand for feature films has been steadily increasing so that at present it is impossible to secure short lengths, excepting in occasional instances, unless the selection is made from very old subjects. Manufacturers of films now seldom produce the short lengths and as we desire to place before our patrons only the current subjects it will be apparent why we do not list the shorter films. Additionally the feature films necessarily run longer than 50 to 100 feet and it is far more preferable to purchase one long film pertaining to one subject than a number of shorter films on as many different subjects. It was considered more desirable to have a greater number of subjects rather than fewer subjects of greater lengths, but the evolution of public taste forced the exhibitor to recognize the availability of longer subjects and the average length of films sold became gradually greater, until at the present time the most popular films on the market are such subjects as range from about 200 to 800 feet in length. The popularity of the long* subjects has become most marked within recent months. COLORED FILMS The coloring of moving picture films is a line of work which cannot be satisfactorily performed in the United States. In view of the enormous amount of labor involved which calls for individual hand painting of every one of sixteen pictures to the foot or 16,000 separate pictures for each 1,000 feet of film very few American colorists will undertake the work at any price. As film coloring has progressed much more rapidly in France than in any other country, all of our coloring is done for us by the best coloring establishment in Paris and we have found that we obtain better quality, cheaper prices and quicker deliveries, even in coloring American made films, than if the work were done elsewhere. PRICES Prices quoted are for the uncolored film, excepting where otherwise listed, and if film not so listed is to be colored there will be an extra charge. Such subjects as are carried in stock plain and colored are listed with the extra cost for coloring. Subjects that are furnished colored only are so quoted. SHIPMENTS Every film listed in this catalogue is in stock at the time of going to press. Owing to fluctuations of stock, it is advisable to give a second and third selection if rush delivery is to be made. When particularly desired and not in stock we will import any subject ordered when so requested, but this will mean a delay of from four to six weeks; import orders are not subject to cancellation. When ordering be sure to state catalogue number, title and trice so as to avoid error.