Revised list of high-class original motion picture films (1908)

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PANORAMAS. S. P. 515. PANORAMIC VIEW OF GRANITE Price $24.00. CANYON. Approximate Length. 200 feet. About five miles of the most picturesque portion of the won- derful gorge in the Rockies, forty miles west of Colorado Springs. Here the Platte river has cut a narrow passage through the mas- sive granite walls and formed inspiring scenery along the line of the Colorado Midland road. The film is perfect photographically and gives an excellent' idea of the peculiar difficulties encountered in building a road through a narrow canyon. S. P. 518. ARRIVAL ON SUMMIT OP PIKE'S Price, S6.00. PEAK. Approximate Length, 50 feet. This film, as well as the others we have of the wonderful Pike's Peak Cog Railway, should be in the collection of every exhibitor. No more wonderful road exists in the world. The en- gines always push the cars up the mountain and precede them com- ing down, the rails serving only as a guide. In the center are two rack bars into which cogs fit and give a grasp for applying the power. All the pictures in the Pike's Peak series distinctly show these features. The arrival of the train at the summit is very interesting. S. P. 525. CLIMBING THE O'BRIEN TRAIL. Price. S7.20. Approximate Length, 60 feet. The ascent of Mount Cutler cannot be made on horseback or by carriage, but the sleepy looking burro provides means of transpor- tation. The trail was built and is managed by H. J. O'Brien of Colorado Springs, who has donated it to the public without cost. No charge is made for going to the top of the mountain and look- ing at the famous Seven Falls, Helen Hunt's grave and the hun- dred other attractions. But the ride up the trail is one that will never be forgotten. This picture shows a zig-zag in the trail where the narrow pathway winds between the rocks and trees. A burro loaded with tourists is seen coming down the steep declivity, and a very fair idea of the sport can be gained from looking at the picture. S. P. 541. PANORAMIC VIEW OP Price, S18.00. MULTNOMAH PALLS. Approximate Length, 150 feet. Multnomah Falls, the most interesting point along the Colum- bia River, are 850 feet high. The channel at the very summit is only thirty feet wide, but the water spreads out in the first leap it makes (800 feet) and after pausing for an instant in a foam-lashed pool a further drop of 50 feet is made in its final descent. S. P. 575. GRAND CANYON AND PALLS. Price, S16.80. Approximate Length, 140 feet. In viewing this greatest production of what we must consider one of the scenic wonders of nature we approach the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. In magnitude there are greater canyons, but none which surpass this in wonder and beauty. It is all told about twenty (20) miles long, 1,200 feet deep and 2.000 feet wide and abounds in profound sculpture and transcendent and glorified color 247