Revised list of high-class original motion picture films (1908)

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PANORAMAS. and chiseling in which it has no equal. Every tower, buttress, recess, cliff, rampart and wall is shown and at the bottom is seen the magnificent river tearing over its rocky bottom. The Falls of the Yellowstone River rank first among the great mountain cataracts and our artist was fortunate to obtain two very perfect views. S. P. 572. OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER FLAYING. Price, $12.60. Approximate Length, 105 feet. Without any doubt the most wonderfully perfect representation of one of nature's strangest phenomena ever secured. "Old Faithful" has been alike the admiration and despair of photographers. Modern science and enterprise have now for the first time been successful in reproducing the spectacle in all its grandeur and originality. DANCES. S. F. 280. FIRE DANCE. Price, $6.00. Approximate Length, 50 feet. Some of the prettiest of moving picture scenes are made from an artistic dance. The poetry of music nowhere appears more clever than it does in a well executed dance reproduced in a thoroughly artistic moving picture film. The fire dance is one of the newest and most popular presentations, especially posed for by Miss Loie Fuller and Mdlle. Papinta. It is executed with a large dress invented for this purpose and by a wonderful and ingenious arrangement of mirrors and colored lights the dancer seems to be performing in the midst of a veritable sea of fire. The effect is most wonderful and never fails to excite surprise as well as interest. This is an exceedingly fine film for coloring as can readily be imagined. S. F. 281. NEW SERPENTINE DANCE. Price, S6.00. Approximate Leng-th, 50 feet. Another illustration of one of the modern dances which is given in a long dress with voluminous folds, which wind and serpentine around the dancer in beautiful fashion and is admitted to have reached a height of artistic perfection, seldom, if ever, attained before in public dances. This picture was made by a lady who is admittedly the leading serpentine dancer of the present day and may be relied upon as an exact reproduction of this famous dance as given on the boards of the largest metropolitan theaters. S. P. 283. GERMAN DANCE. Price, $6.00. . Approximate Length, 50 feet. This is a picture of the very beautiful German national dance as danced by Miss Marie Shubert of the German Extravaganza Co., Berlin; it is in native costumes; veryi catchy and sure to please. S. P. 710. SOLOMON ISLAND DANCE. Price, $4.80. Approximate Leng-th, 40 feet. Over in the Solomon Islands, which lie off the north coast of Australia, is a race of one-time cannibals. Only eight or ten years ago a party of missionaries were murdered and eaten by them. This shows about fifty men carrying idols and crude orna 248