Revised list of high-class original motion picture films (1908)

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MISCELLANEOUS. truly a wonderful picture of a wonderful subject, taken at a won- derful place, interesting and instructive. S.F. 408. THE GREAT WHALEBACX STEAMER, Price, $4.80. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS. Approximate Length, 40 feet. As it wends its way on the great lake to the City of Milwau- kee from Chicago. A great vessel bound from a great city, and the largest passenger boat in the world. This boat has a license to carry four thousand people and carries that many almost daily. S. P. 530. STAGE HOLD-UP. Price, $6.00. Approximate Length, 50 feet. Indians attack stage coach. One of the passengers is shot and falls off the coach into the dust. Indians follow, shooting and yelling. Cowboys to the rescue. Indians driven off in confusion. S. P. 419. LOCKHART'S PERFORMING Price, $24.00. ELEPHANTS. Approximate Length, 200 feet. These elephants are famous Lockhart elephants, without a doubt the finest in the world. They do almost everything but talk, stand on their heads, rock themselves, march, jump over each other and other tricks too numerous to mention. S. P. 424. VIEW OP STATE STREET. Price, $24.00. Approximate Length, 200 feet. Showing as it does this famous thoroughfare, as viewed from a street car, on a bright, warm, sunny day. This picture takes in both sides of the street and shows the throng going and coming. The people crossing the streets, the various sky-scrapers, teams, the immense stores, the elevated railroad and the famous dead-man's curve, corner State and Madison streets. This is indeed a fine picture and shows State street from Harrison to Madison, a dis- tance of six blocks. S. P. 423. FEEDING THE DUCKS. Price, $6.00. Approximate Length, 50 feet. This film was made at the beautiful City park in Denver, Colo. It is a subject that not only pleases the ladies and children, but men will be interested just as well. Two very pretty children are throwing corn and feed to an immense flock of wild as well as tame ducks on the lake. An animated scene in the background adds much to the general effect. Full of interest and perfect photographically. S. P. 425. BUFFALO IN YELLOWSTONE Price, $7.80. PARK. Approximate Length, 65 feet. The buffalo, or bison, once so numerous on the plains of the Great West, is rapidly becoming an almost extinct species, and so far as known there are no wild herds left. Some years ago the United States Government placed a herd in the Yellowstone Na- tional Park, and the efforts to increase it by outside purchases 250