Revised list of high-class original motion picture films (1908)

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MISCELLANEOUS. and to corral them where they can be fed and protected is meeting with considerable success. They are corralled in an enormous pasture at Mammoth Hot Springs and appear to take kindly to the situation. Our artist succeeded in getting a splendid picture of these most interesting animals, from which a fair idea may be gained of the appearance presented in times past by a herd of buffalo grazing on the plains of the Far West. S. F. 427. BABY SHOW AT ALBUQUERQUE, Price, $5.40. NEW MEXICO. Approximate Length, 45 feet. Apparently there is no danger of race suicide in New Mexico. Our photographer was in Albuquerque at the time of the recent street carnival, one of the features of which was a fine baby show. Preparatory to the judging, the babies were paraded by their mothers (and fathers) before the camera and a very pretty and interesting picture was obtained. Babies large and babies small; babies fat and babies thin, but -all pretty and dressed in their best. By actual count, there were eighty-five babies in procession, enough to appall the heart of the stoutest young husband. A great picture to show in an audience which includes the ladies. S. P. 523. BALLOON ASCENSION. Price, $12.00. Approximate Length, 100 feet. We were particularly fortunate in securing the co-operation of Captain Thomas Baldwin — brother of the Arctic explorer — and his companion, Captain Hudson, the famous aeronaut, in getting the best balloon picture ever made. The film shows the ascension, the monster bag — Old Glory — slowly passing out of the picture. Then the scene jumps, the camera is in the basket with lens pointed downward; the scene gradually widens as the balloon ascends. First the people waving hats and handkerchiefs are seen. Then the monster steam windlass that pulled the rope, then the bear pits and various pavilions and houses of Elitch's gardens, Denver, and finally at an elevation of about 2,000 feet, a charming panorama of the country immediately below. The picture is such a thrilling novelty it will be difficult for the careful exhibitor to exclude it from his list. S. P. 535. BUCKING BRONCHO CONTEST. Price, $15.00. Approximate Length, 125 feet. Nobody who has not actually seen a real bucking broncho on the western plains can have any idea of the amount — the number of devils that can be contained inside of the skin of one horse. The bucking broncho has no eastern cousins. The mankiller and terror of eastern farms is a toy and household pet compared with the real article and woe be unto the tenderfoot who tries to get astride this bunch of terror from Sheol. This film is made up from the best features of three days' sport. It starts with a dash which sets an audience wild. The first rider is mounted on a fierce specimen of mankiller. The animal rears and bucks and finally falls on the rider in an effort to crush out his life. With the greatest of skill the rider manages to fall on one side and the horse tries to roll over him. But the cowboy is too quick. Getting up, he stands astride the horse and as soon as tho latter arises the rider is on his back and the bucking continues. The film is full of this sort of excitement. At one place the notorious horse "Steamboat" with the champion on his back gets right in front of the camera and whirls around with fury for almost a full minute. Horse and rider are in full view and almost life size. In fact, the film shows about a dozen of the worst bucking horses ever exhibited In public. 251