Revised list of high-class original motion picture films (1908)

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MISCELLANEOUS. lamb and of most primitive form blows the flames around the home-made crucible. All this is shown in the picture, and most vividly, too. The Indian throws a chunk of native silver into the crucible and then blows the fire until the metal is molten. Witn a pair of strangely wrought tongs he lifts the crucible and pours the metal into a little depression in a square stone. As soon as this "slug" is cold he takes it up and pounds it into shape on a crude anvil. Occasionally he lays the partially-wrought piece on the coals and anneals it until -finally he has fashioned one of the picturesque and strange bracelets so well known as the treasured work of the Xavajos. S. P. 609. NAVAJO BLANKET WEAVING. Price. S8.40. Approximate Length, 70 feet. Here is a film that is not only perfect technically, but is most difficult to get. Two Xavajo Indian women are seen weaving two blankets of strange, intricate designs. The picture was made on the Xavajo reservation, far from the path of white men, which accounts for the fact that it was made at all. The Xavajos are very hard to photograph, and it is only by getting members of the tribe who seldom see white men that such results as we have can be accomplished. S. P. 607. PETBIPIED POREST OP ARIZONA. Price. S10.80. Approximate Length, 90 feet. A stopover of one day on the line of Santa Fe Railroad brings us to the Petrified Forests, a natural wonder that comes "up to its brag" and transcends in beauty, variety of color and extent all other similar deposits in the world. One of the chief objects of interest is the natural rock bridge which spans a chasm 60 feet wide. A trunk of petrified jasper and agate overhanging a tree fringed chasm thus forming a natural bridge. This district con- tains several other trees, some of them more than 200 feet in length, firmly imbedded in the earth. These huge unshattered nieces of rock are wonderful specimens. The colors are as varied as the rainbow and the local names of "Crystal" and "Rainbow" forest are very appropriate. 25