Revised list of high-class original motion picture films (1908)

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INDEX TO CLASSIFICATION OF SUB- JECTS. COMEDY 5-64, 109-132, 171-175, 181-182, 186, 189, 192-226 DANCES 248-249 DRAMATIC 67-81, 135-140, 184, 231-238 EDUCATIONAL 140-156 FIRE SCENES 242-243 HISTORICAL 167-191 INDUSTRIAL 65 MILITARY 164. 240 MISCELLANEOUS 107, 167-169, 1SS, 249-253 MYTHICAL 90-92, 180, 239 NAVAL 163 PANORAMAS 245-248 PARADES 240-241 RAILWAY SCENES 243-244 RELIGIOUS 93-106 SCENIC 89, 165, 167 SENSATIONAL 66, 132-134, 175-176, 182-184, 190, 226-236 SENTIMENTAL 196 SPORTING 88-89, 156-166, 196 TOPICAL 88, 164, 185 TRAGEDY S1-S7, 161-162. 177-179 L87 When ordering' be sure to state catalogue number, title and price, so as to avoid error.