Screen and Radio Weekly (Apr 1934 to Aug 1937)

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the real JANE | GAYNOR" by Grace Wilcox, Free Press Hollywood Staff Correspondent IN THE NEW SCREEN & RADIO WEEKLY with SUNDAY’S FREE PRESS plus the je GAYNOR is no more a Pollyanna than Wallace Beery. Who says COMPLETE so? No less an authority than her director, John Blystone. Well then, novel just who and what is this little angel-like lady of the screen? Grace Wilcox, Free Press Hollywood staff correspondent, takes you behind all the props’ and the lights and the make-up to give you the REAL story of Janet Gaynor. This brilliantly written article, popping over with new stuff, is just one of the many delightful and to-the-point features in the new SCREEN & RADIO WEEKLY that comes to you free with your Sunday Free Press. Of course you'll want a copy. Phone HOME DELIVERY Dept., RANDOLPH 8900. os *1000 in Cash Prizes > COMPLETE DETAILS ON THE BACK PAGE OF THE NEW SCREEN & RADIO WEEKLY, Detroit Free Press April 25, 1934, p. 4