Screen and Radio Weekly (Apr 1934 to Aug 1937)

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THE DETROIT FREE PRESS—MONDAY, APRIL 30 1934 . Detroit Gives Enthusiastic Welcome to Free Press Screen & Radio Weekly Finds a Thrill Thugs Waylay in First Issue Five Motorists $1,000 Prize Contest Two Victims Slugged, f Gets Under Way Two Lose Cars dite r 2 Five motorists were held up by & A Radio Weckiy! etic: | bandits over the week-end in the Did it? We're telling you! | Detroit area and in two instances Thousands of Detroiters greeted | the robbers forced the drivers to his handso \ the | surrender their cars. Bg yg te In two of the robberies the thugs firet appearance with Sunday's Free | slugged the victim to assure a safe Press. All over a ee sub-| ag iden ge tas el soribers to the Free ress were ‘ 2 #0 eager to see the new four-colok ) don Ave., was forced to give $30 | ; ; q 4 4 J Screen & Radio magazine that they we and a $10 money order to a bandit actually bought extra copies Saturbeth ethan \ ee, | ; & Pe ; ’ : . who jumped on the running board day evening. They couldn't wait) keane WA : ' of his machine as he stopped for for the earrier to bring their daett eee nent wet page ays ingham Drive an ve,, in lar coples. Sunday morning in thousands of | Grosse Pointe Park. other homes there was a perfect! scramble to look at the pictures of | Hollywood favorites, beginning with | Janet Gaynor’s smiling face on the} cover. For the first time the boys} and girls had a hard time deciding} The bandit slugged Toucon. As Arnold Soper, 8778 Quincy Ave., driving west on Chicago Blvd., stopped for a traffic light at Evergreen Road, a robber stepped into the machine. The man ordered Soper to drive which to look at first, their beloved | “funnies” or the Screen & Radio to Plymouth Road, where he robbed Weekly Soper of $12, slugged him and drove away in Soper’s sedan. Fred Smith, Jr., 15 Kensington Ave., Pleasant Ridge, also was forced to surrender his sedan to a bandit who forced his way into Smith's car at Marshall and Wood. ward Aves,, Ferndale. After orders ing Smith to drive for a few blocks, the robber took a billfold, containing $14, forced Smith from the machine and drove away. When the bandit who held up Lysle Hunting, architect, of 12409 Northlawn Ave., was informed that Hunting had no money, he took $3.50 from the purse of Hunting’s companion, Miss Eva Norburn stenographer, of 18709 Steel Ave. He Competes with Comics f Betty and Bobbie Dwyer had the “funnies” spread out on the floor) r of their home at 91385 Audubon| t Ave., when thelr cousins, June and | : Reulah Dwyer, settled down in the big armchair to read the Screen & | Radio Weekly. Right away Betty and Bobbie had to stop their im-| portant reading to look at the piteure of the beautiful lady on the cover 2 : “That's Janet Gaynor,” Betty) ‘ minted out to her brother. i “And it says here that she-and Charles Farrell are going to be to 4 gether again in a new picture re Ms lease, ‘Change of Heart’,” Beulah also took Hunting’s watch. t told them. The holdup occurred after the 4 Downtown in the NRA headcouple had parked at Glendale and \ Dale Aves. The robber walked quarters in the National Bank Bldg., Miss Dora Kreidler and Miss Olive Wilson read the magazne between calls at the switchboard. | “Hello, hello!” they exclaimed. “This is something like! Look at that picture of Mae West, will you? | Aigrettes and spangles and ruffles. | How'd you like to manage that hat in a high wind?” Party Stops to Read away across the fields. FREE OFFER TO SUFFERERS FROM STOMACH ULCERS Indigestion, Gastritis Due to Gastric Hyper-Acidity + Out on Promenade Ave., Saturday eyoen + snlfer from stomach or \uodena) -» | cere, orvous, acid, as, sour, sick atom: evening, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth ach, bloating, belching, heartburn, nausea, Glass entertained friends at aj} or heart pressure, constipation, loss of ap petite and sleep. Why let such conditions sew: i in t "a | + . * : . . . : * . Rr ahre teil Ge the sederemanan | Young movie and radio fans in thousands of Detroit homes magazine, with every page in colors, supplanted even the old with interesting pictures and news and romance from Hollywood. pk Operating x . Study your stomach : ‘ : oe ! bcs 7 ‘ : : ‘ow—-how it operate: Saard tha Pres Press newaboy: cill-| inspected the new Screen & Radio Weekly which was delivered reliable comics in reader interest. Down at the NRA headquarters, The new Screen & Radio Wéekly, which was given away with jand you will RCoratAMA WR SAIS ee with their copies of The Detroit Free Press on Sunday morning telephone girls on duty Sunday pored the interesti i icines, laxative ! ing the papers along the street. The | i 5 al tl r ‘ y yp over the interesting pages every copy of the Sunday Free Press, will be on sale at all newscines, laxatives, salt, soda and other host dashed to the front door for| a%4_gave it their enthusiastic approval. The beautifully printed of the magazine between calls. They found every page packed stands in the Detroit area during the week for 5 cents. site’ {Pastregeh Uo "R00" "he. a ee Be Oe Pe nal Ti “7 AE ae ee os SY BT JO Eee ees ARC te. Oe ieee hope, Many former sufferers have found S | quick, positt esulis, No He o Radio Weekly. The public likes| the Free Press is the best looking| there {sn't any reason why the Free/the 20 questions may be found in|contestants should send coupons te lon cor, time We yi chee nee motion pictures and will I am sure/ job of its kind I’ve ever seen, ard| Press Screen & Radio Weekly|this first issue. Answers to thée|ang opinion to the Screen & Radio of equal merit for LIVER and GAL! a copy and the whole crowd gathered around for a glimpse of the| gratulation and good wishes which Screen Weekly. came to the Free Press Sunday was While such scenes as these were| one from H. M. Richey, of the Allied| enthusiastically approve the new]| it's the first one to be put out by a ’ : vill b trouble. Write tor our FREE bookie being duplicated in countless homes,| Theaters of Michigan, Inc, as|and valuable feature of the Free| daily and Sunday Rseosenar™ 5 aror uisieasinne Pe get ordltngs ut ironeepe qe eakit tor May 6 Contest Editor, care The Detroit ae Pie Coane (THE SUFFERER ® the Free Press received a telegram | follows: Press.” said Sunday. “I certainly predict aj Another big item is that the new| May 13 and May 20. Free Press, before 6 p. m., Friday, | ments ; from Miss Gaynor herself. “The Detroit Free Press fs to be In Detroit, Fred Schader, local| great future for it. The public is|Screen & Radio Weekly is free| When the coupons from these| June 1. Send a post card today with your name ee “Sincere wishes for the success of| congratulated on its foresight in| Fox executive, formerly associated | interested in personalities, which !s|with every Sunday Free Press.|four numbers have been filled out} It’s a wonderful chance to learn watt erie Reto obligation Osa S ae your new Screen & Radio Weekly) offering to the Detroit public! with Photoplay Magazine, expressed| why all the screen fan magazines| A big $1,000 cash prize contest|and a hundred-word opinion writ| about your film favorites and try]. m. to 5 p. m., including Saturday, Be magazine,” she wired. authentic information on the screen| his heartiest approval. have made such a lot of friends and| started Sunday in the Screen &|ten on “What I Like Best About|for the first prize of $300 and the anit A a ale ef Among other messages of con-'.and radio in the new Screen & “The Screen & Radio Weekly of! have so many readers. To my mind! Radio Weekly. Answers to five of'the New Screen & Radio Weekly,” |other awards totaling $1,000. 1107 David Btote Bide, Btate and Griewolg ey ; hae linen ibn e Seltad i : v4 tet toe BOK