Screen and Radio Weekly (Apr 1934 to Aug 1937)

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THE DETROIT FREE PRESS—TUESDAY, MAY 1, ooo Schoolgirls Find Thrill in Screen R Lunch time at Cass Technical High School Monday was a fine chance for Margaret Weiss, Jane Eble and Jean Christo (left to right) to read more of the thrilling stories of famous motion New Sunday Free Press Feature | Brings Glamour to Women Readers | Women of all ages like to read girl's tn high school, anything ex|about beautiful, glamorous women, , citing can be ‘possible for the fu 1934 dio Weekly picture and radio stars in the new Screen & Radio Weekl Free Press, published for the first time Sunday. During the week the Weekly will be sold separately on newsstands for 5 cents. . p. 3 of the Hundreds of Letters Come In Hundreds of letters have already appeared Sunday for the first fime. One letter came from The Buddy Rogers Club of Michigan. |That's one reason why the Screen and Radio Weekly of The Detroit Free Press was read by thousands of Detroit women when it made its first experience Sunday. But there is an age when reading about beauty and glamor brings ture. She herself might become the heroine of any story with a happy | | ending, That’s why Margaret Weiss and Jane Eble propped a copy of the Ss and Radio Weekly up noon in the lunch room at Cass Technical High School, while Jean “We feel it our duty, as one of ithe largest fan club organizations | in the Country, to congratulate you /on your splendid new movie maga| zine innovation which in the future | will accompany each Sunday edi-| | tion of your paper,” wrote William | J. Frank, president of the | will be the popular Sunday paper) club. | “Certainly The Detroit Free Press| thrilling dreams to a girl. When a Christo listened enthralled to their “ohs” and “ahs.” The girls happened to be reading about Loretta Young, who will be seen in Detroit soon in “The House of Rothschild,” Arliss. Learn of Loretta’s Life Thanks to the Screen & Radio starring George | | | ' gation?” wrote Andrew J. LaPrese, Weekly, the girls learned all about | Loretta’s hopes and ambitions, about the charming rooms in her | Hollywood home, a cool New England house of white brick and white-painted wood. Whenever they see Loretta fn a picture, they can remember her background, the striking effect of the living room in her home, with light green walls, cream woodwork | and a black carpet to match the long black linen drapes at the windows, The girls find a spur to ambi| tion in reading of the success other i girls have had. Meanwhile, other folks who want creen against their school books Monday Ito |reading about screen and radio | stars can buy extra copies of the new Screen & Radio Weekly on ‘all newsstands for 5 cents during ithe week, though of course the 'Secreen & Radio Weekly is free | with every copy of the Sunday Free | Press, which includes the complete | /$2 novel that is such a favorite. each week, with us in the future. “We appreciate your thoughtfulness on the part of the hundreds of | thousands of movie lovers your fine paper must reach.” “May I also add my word of) felicitation in behalf of our organi-| vice president, in a footnote. $1,000 Offered in Prizes Included in each of the first four | issues of the Screen & Radio Week-| ly, beginning last Sunday, will be) answers to 20 questions, five an-| swers in each of the four lewis} Fach issue contains a coupon on | which the answers for that week's) | five questions are to be written. | When all four coupons (the 20) answers, have been filled out, the | contestant should also ‘opinion in 100 words on “What I this opinion on a separate sheet of | 1} 1 jled to the get caught up on their Sunday || PAPEL ANSIEG BN DS, TESS 5 write an! Like Best About the New Screen. & Radio Weekly.” The coupons and | Screen & Radio Contest Editor, care | The Detroit Free Press, before 6' p. m., Friday, June 1. One thousand dollars in prizes | will be given to winners in the con | | test, with a first prize of $300. You could even take a trip to Hollywood and see some of the stars in person if you won $300. There's an idea to set you reading the instantaneously popular Screen & Radio Weekly of The Detroit Free Press!