Screenland (Nov 1939–Apr 1940)

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Norma Shearer's chart shows marriage for her during 1940. However, Norma's rumored romance with George Raft, below, is not favored by the stars. According to their birth signs, these two screen stars are not compatible. Shirley Temple, left, and Mickey Rooney, far right, will continue on the screen for many years, according to their horoscopes. Bette Davis, right, must watch her health during 1940, and there's a possibility of a second marriage for Bette. Norvell advises Deanna Durbin against early marriage. Right, Deanna with Vaughn Paul, her beau. There's no reason for Jimmy's long face, below. Norvell has assured Cagney that his career and marriage will remain successful. the last for beautiful Joan, and although she won't retire in 1940, she will devote more time to the finding of personal happiness. Jimmy Stewart will be kayoed by Cupid in 1940 — much to his and everyone else's surprise! Jimmy has broken several hearts in the past, but his resistance is wearing down, so don't be startled when news of another romance and an engagement are announced some time in 1940. It has been rumored that Norma Shearer is seriously interested in George Raft. Is there anything to that rumor, astrologically speaking? What does Norma's chart show for 1940? Norma Shearer was born in the fire Sign of Leo, and for several years that sign has been under a heavy cloud. 1940 holds more happiness for Leoborn than they have known for some time. However, it also holds a warning that they must beware of love and marriage lest they act hastily. George Raft was born in the air Sign of Libra, which, unfortunately, is not the most compatible for Leo. If these two charming people rnarry each other and defy the stars, I fear for the outcome of that marriage. In this case Norma Shearer should let her head rule her heart. Marriage is shown for her, in any event, some time during the year 1940. The Lane sisters have marched triumphantly on, a triple threat to all the eligible boys in Hollywood, and have remained singularly aloof and unfettered. The indications in their charts, singly and collectively, are that love and marriage are in the offing. Of the three, however, Priscilla's chart shows she will be the most likely to wed in 1940. Rosemary and Lola are apt to wait for twelve to eighteen months before they finally marry. Marriage will not end this determined triumvirate, however ; they will continue to entertain screen audiences, all three of "them, with their adopted screen sister, Gale Page, in other epics expressed in digits of four. Their careers will continue indefinitely, and probably _ in 1980 we will limp down to the theatre to see them in something called "Four Grandmothers." One of the screen's greatest stars, once divorced, may decide to marry again in 1940, according to her chart. She is Bette Davis, and although her name may be linked with that of George Brent, the stars warn them against a union. Brent was born in the water Sign of Pisces, and Bette in the fire Sign of Aries ; these two signs attract each other because they are (Continued on page 88) 27