Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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Issued Twice a Month — 1st and 15th Screen Opinions THE UNBIASED REVIEWING SERVICE ! Vol. 12 With Specially Written Program Copy APRIL IS to 30, 1923 No. 2 Independent Reviews! Of All Feature Pictures in the United States and Many Foreign Specials Pick o' the Plays 90%—[A-c]— “COVERED WAGON” Famous Players — (Page 15) 90%-[A-c]— “GRUMPY” Famous Players — (Page 24) 90%—[A-c]— “MIGHTY LAK’ A ROSE” First National — (Page 21) 80% — [ A ]— “MODERN MARRIAGE” American Releasing Corp. — (Page 14) 80% — [ A ]— “SUNSHINE TRAIL” First National — (Page 13) 90%— [A-c]— “SUZANNA” Allied Prod. & Dist. Corp. — (Page 16) 80% — [ A ]— “YOUR FRIEND AND MINE” Metro — (Page 28) t t Published by JAMES T. IGOE COMPANY > PRINTERS >Ht ro THE '•^3' 117 West Harrison Street lovies f CHICAGO, ILL., U. S. A. J" j No Advertising Support Accepted! a a