Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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13 7,0^ b)h)7*j9 "BOOK THE NEW PERCENTAGE WAY" THE NEW PERCENTAGE VALUES! Now you can book the Percentage Way. This is the first time in the history of reviewing that pictures have been valued in actual figure quantities. The old class system is retained until you become accustomed to the NEW PERCENTAGE FIGURES. This is a big step forward for Screen Opinions and its valued readers. OUR NEW PERCENTAGE VALUES: Masterful [Class A-a] — 100% Superior [Class A-b] — 95% Excellent [Class A-c] — 90% Very Good [ Class A ] — 80% Good [Class B ]— 65% Average [Class C ] — 50% Fair [Class D ] — 40% Poor [Class E ] — 25% Every picture reviewed in SCREEN OPINIONS is analyzed according to definite standards before arriving at positive percentage value. The independent summary in “Our Opinion” is submitted to you for final judgment, because in all cases you must have the last word when it comes to selecting the pictures. A thorough reading of “Our Opinion” will give a clearer idea of the nature of the picture, so that you may be better able to judge its money-making possibilities for you, its entertainment value and suitability for your patronage. * “SUNSHINE TRAIL”— [Class A] 8G% (Adapted from story of same name) Story: — Adventures of Youth Who Believed in Spreading Gospel of Sunshine VALUE Photography — Very good — Max Dupont. TYPE OF PICTURE— Humorous. Moral Standard — Good. Story — Very good — Comedy — Family. Star — Very good — Douglas MacLean. Author — Very good — William Wallace Cook. Direction — Very good — James W. Horne. Adaptation — Very good — Bradley King. Technique — Very good. Spiritual Influence — Good. Producer — Thomas H. Ince CAST James Henry MacTavish. . .Douglas MacLean Mystery Man William Courtright Woman Crook Joseph Sedgwick Man Crook ....Barney Furey Algernon Aloysius Fitzmaurice Bangs. . . . Muriel Frances Den a Willis Duckworth Rex Cherryman Colonel Duckworth Albert Hart June Edith Roberts April IS to 30, 1923. Distributor — First National Footage — 5,000 ft. Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE — Scatter Seeds of Sunshine. Pleasing Comedy With Star at Best Assisted by Talented Child Actress The latest Douglas MacLean picture presents the star at his best in the role of an ex-soldier who stopped off at a Montana ranch and then took the trail home to pay a visit to old friends, imbued with the idea of scattering seeds of kindness. Needless to say the complications that arise are manifold, and much clean fun is the result. Douglas MacLean is assisted by the clever child actress, Muriel Frances Dana, who plays the part of a little boy left in the care of the innocent-minded youth by a mother belonging to a gang of crooks. The simply constructed plot unfolds in a most entertaining way, and we predict that “The Sunshine Trail” will be a popular favorite. The star, the types, the situations and the child form the groundwork of the picture’s entertainment. Book it by all means. STORY OF THE PLAY James Henry MacTavish, returning to his home town to see a relative, who he finds has died while he was away at the war, and a girl named June, who, believing Jimmy to be dead, has (Continued on next page) No Advertising Support Accepted!