Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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“BOOK THE NEW PERCENTAGE WAY” 15 the plot is the attempt of Simpson, Despard’s valet, to make capital of the letters of Denise. The story closes with a happy reunion of the Varleys. PROGRAM COPY — “Modern Marriage” — Featuring Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne Don’t miss the best mystery story of the season, with the popular players, Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne, in the leading roles. A murder mystery and a marriage problem with a moral, is what is to be found in this excellently made production. “COWERED WAGON” — [Class A-c] 90% (Adapted from story of same name) Story: — Romance and Adventures of First Wagon Train Over Oregon Trail VALUE Photography — Superior — Karl Brown. TYPE OF PICTURE— FascinatingThrilling. Moral Standard — Good. Story — Excellent — Drama— Family Cast — Excellent — All-Star," featuring J. Warren Kerrigan, Lois Wilson and Ernest Torrence. Author — Excellent — Emerson Hough. Direction — Superior — James Cruze. Adaptation — Excellent — Jack Cunningham. Technique — Superior. Spiritual Influence — Excellent. Producer — Paramount CAST Bill Banion J. Warren Kerrigan Molly Wingate Lois Wilson Sam Woodhull Alan Hale Mr. Wingate Charles Ogte Mrs. Wingate Ethel Wales Jackson Ernest Torrence Bridger Tully Marshall Kit Carson Guy Oliver Jed Wingate John Fox April 15 to 30, 1923. Distributor — Famous Players Footage — 9,407 ft. Our Opinion MORAL O'THE PICTURE! — No Obstacle Is Too Great for the Courageous to Overcome. Thrilling Presentation of Pioneer Tale Leaves Little to Be Desired Sweeping perspectives, long lines of covered wagons, multitudes it would seem of horses and cattle, and men and women with their faces determinedly set toward the golden west, is what the screen reveals in the splendid Paramount production “The Covered Wagon.” Whether it is the bigness of the picture, the thrilling realism in which this tale of early pioneer days is clothed, or that this wild west period of American history so dear to the fancy of American youth becomes a veritable reality under the skillful direction of James Cruze, the picture’s charm is irresistible. “The Covered Wagon” looks like a clean-up, and we predict for it the biggest run outside of “The Birth of a Nation” that any pictured drama has ever had. What could be more thrilling than to see the wagon train with logs attached to each wagon to keep it from sinking, crossing the river Platte drawn by swimming oxen struggling frantically with the swift current? Or what could add more realism to a story of this sort than a genuine buffalo hunt in which one of the stampeding animals is actually shot. The discovery of the trail of the Brigham Young party, the dividing of the wagon train when some follow the lure of gold to California to help make the history of the great strike of ’49, and others press forward into Oregon with their plows, are interesting incidents. And through all is woven the romance of Molly Wingate and Will Banion, a youth of stirring, dominant character. Never has J. Warren Kerrigan been seen to as good advantage as in “The Covered Wagon.” To him the photographer has been exceptionally kind. Lois Wilson is winsome as Molly Wingate, and Ernest Torrence, in place of playing the villain, is the joker of the party. His portrayal # of Jackson is inimitable. Tully Marshall as Bridger also creates comedy. The cast is excellent throughout. Much more could be told of this splendid production, but suffice it to say that the exhibitor who is looking for a moneymaking special can do no better than to book “The Covered Wagon.” It will stand a raise in price if this is your policy. STORY OF THE PLAY Shortly after the wagon train from the east starts on its long trail to the storied lands of Oregon, Will Banion joins their ranks and falls in love with pretty Molly Wingate. During the adventurous trip, from which the faint-hearted ones turn back and are later destroyed by Indians, and the others press on with dogged determination, Sam Woodhull, engaged to marry Molly, circulates a report that Banion is a cattle thief. Banion several times rescues Woodhull from (Continued on next page) No Advertising Support Accepted!