Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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20 SCREEN OPINIONS TELLS THE TRUTH headway until one day a cave-in occurs at the mines, when only his heroic efforts in the emergency save those who are penned in. During the excitement of the moment, Hetty, a childhood .friend of David’s, into whom he has tried to instill the faith that would cause her to regain the power of speech which she lost through an accident, is suddenly restored. A romance Detween Morton’s daughter and David also enters into the story. A church, built by the miners in appreciation of David’s devotion, gives the story its name. PROGRAM COPY — “The Little Church Around the Comer” — Featuring an All-Star Cast David Graham’s faith in God and his devotion to humanity caused miracles of conversion and recovery to be performed. Don’t miss the big mine spectacle in ‘‘The Little Church Around the Corner,” where a clergyman's heroism prevents untold disaster. An excellent cast includes Claire Windsor, Kenneth Harlan, Pauline Starke and Hobart Bosworth. “LOST AND FOUND”— [Class B] 65% (Adapted from story of same name) Story: — Sea Captain, Bereft of Wife and Daughter, Punishes Abductor on Tropical Isle VALUE CAST Photography — Superior — Clyde De Vinna. Captain Blackbird House Peters TYPE OF PICTURE — Unconvincing. Lorna Pauline Starke Moral Standard — Fair. Lloyd Warren Antonio Moreno -■ ■■ Baby Madge Mary Jane Irving Story — Average — Drama — Adults. Madge Rosemary Theby Cast — Good — All-Star, featuring House Peters, Faulke George Siegmann Pauline Starke and Antonio Moreno. Skinner William V. Mong Author — Average — Carey Wilson. Waki Carl Harbaugh Direction — Good — R. A. Walsh. Kerito David Wing Adaptation — Good — Paul Bern. Technique — Good. ■ ■ Spiritual Influence — Neutral. April IS to 30, 1923. Producer — Goldwyn Footage — 6,334 ft. Distributor — Goldwyn Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE— None. Fascinating Tropical Background and Capable Direction Compensates for Ordinary Story Is it because good stories are hard to find, or that the powers that be lose sight of plot values in the overwhelming array of opportunities for glorifying backgrounds provided by certain kinds of stories that so frequently a production’s strongest appeal lies in Nature’s contribution? The latest R. A. Walsh production, “Lost and Found,” staged in the vicinity of Tahiti, is of this character, for in spite of the entertainment one might find in the tale of a woman’s unhappy experience, which ended in death on a tropical island, and a man’s search for a wife whose whereabouts he learned too late to prevent her murder at the hands of the man who lured her away, we must confess that excellent photography, competent direction and interesting and beautiful scenes on the shores of the tropics are chief attractions. The various types of the picture are well cast, and a number of native islanders are employed in mob scenes, but on the whole, the story’s development is unconvincing. This is especially the case in the latter half of the production, which brings Captain Blackbird to the island where his wife has been murdered, and where his own daughter, grown to womanhood and clad in the garb of the native women, is rudely cast from him to become the prey of the bestial Faulke. The average person will resent the man’s failure to recognize the girl as being white, and to at least question her identity at her appeal to be taken from the island. The struggle between the captain and Faulke is thrilling. There is also a battle between two island tribes that is rather tame in effect. House Peters is excellent as Captain Black £ bird, and Paulin Starke fills the role of Lorna well. Rosemary Theby anS George Siegmann are outstanding figures in the cast, and Antonio Moreno should make his bow to the cameraman, for he looks unusually well as photographed. “Lost and Found” is a good program feature for the average house, and could be improved by cutting. STORY OF THE PLAY Captain Blackbird, bidding his wife and two children goodby, started out on a cruise on which he was absent longer than he has anticipated. While he was away a stranger from the South Seas told his wife that he was living with another woman, and so far won her con (Continued on next page) No Advertising Support Accepted!