Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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' “BOOK THE NEW PERCENTAGE .WAY” 23 “TRIMMED IN SCARLET”— [Class D] 40% (Adapted from play of same name) Story: — Victim of Unhappy Union Finds Happiness Through Child She Deserted VALUE CAST Photography — Very Rood — Charles Kaufman. Cordelia Ebbing } *ratVilvn William* TYPE OF PICTURE— Unsatisfactory. Mme. De La Fleur ] y Moral Standard — Fair. Revere Wayne Roy Stewart — Faith Ebbing Lucille Ricksen Story — Average — Drama — Adults. David Pierce Robert Agnew Cast — Good — All-Star, featuring Kathlyn Charles Knight David Torrance Williams. Peter Ebbing Phillips Smalley Author — Average — William Hurlburt. Fifi Barclay Eve Southern Direction — Fair — Jack Conway. Duroc Bert Sprott Adaptation — Fair — Edward T. Lowe. Molly Todd Grace Carlyle Technique — Fair. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. April 15 to 30, 1923. Producer — Universal Footage — 4,765 ft. Distributor — Universal Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE— None Outstanding. Poorly Made Production — Not Up to Universal Standard — Carelessly Developed Theme If it were not for the excellent acting of Kathlyn Williams, “Trimmed in Scarlet” would indeed be a mediocre production. In view of the fact that she not only interprets the role of Cordelia Ebbing well, but has never looked more charming, well dressed and generally well groomed, the picture interests to a degree. On the other hand, Lucille Ricksen, new to the screen, is amateurish and poorly directed. We believe that this young actress, who is pretty and has decided personal charm, has possibilities beyond those discovered by director Jack Conway. Robert Agnew is a valued member of the cast, and Raymond Hatton does a small bit well. Taking it all in all, the production lacks character and fails to impress largely, principally because of weak plot development. STORY OF THE PLAY Cordelia Ebbing, disgusted with her husband, Peter Ebbing, a brewer, leaves him and her child behind and is later discovered as Mme. De La Fleur, noted for her gains and losses at Monte Carlo. Ebbing, persisting in his drunken carousals, later marries a questionable woman, and his daughter, now a young woman, decides to leave home and earn her own way. Cordelia’s return to America is caused by fear of arrest when, in a struggle with a certain dissolute prince, she pushes him through a second story window. Her butler sees an opportunity to collect money by pretending that the prince is dead, which he does later from Cordelia’s daughter in America. The daughter, Faith Ebbinm steals from her employer to satisfy the butler, and when the theft is about to be exposed, Cordelia helps her to replace the money. Later a home is established in which mother and daughter live happily, and Cordelia marries an old flame. Revere Wayne, while Faith and her sweetheart, David Pierce, resolve to do likewise. PROGRAM COPY — “Trimmed in Scarlet” — Featuring Kathlyn Williams Cordelia Ebbing chose a dangerous road in her flight from an unhappy marriage. Hen awakening in her love for her daughter will give you something to think about. Kathlyn Williams, the talented actress, is the featured member of the cast. “SOUL HARVEST”— [Class C] 50% (Especially prepared for screen) Story: — Gang of Thieves Regenerated Through Faith Healer VALUE Photography — -Average — Lynne Darling. TYPE OF PICTURE— Semi-religious. Moral Standard — Good. Story — Average — Drama — Family. Cast — Good — All-Star. Author — Average — W. H. Clifford. Direction — Average — W. H. Clifford. Adaptation — Poor — W. H. Clifford. Technique — Average. Spiritual Influence — Good. Producer — Sanford Productions JUS CAST The Peacock The Chameleon Farone Louie The Mole Peter Mrs. De Lacy Miss De Lacy . . Pat O’Malley ..Cleo Madison ...Otto Lederer ...Frank Hayes ..Leon Artigue ..Peter Howard . . . Gene Crosby Eugenie Gilbert April 15 to 30, 1923. Footage — 6,800 ft. Distributor — State Rights (Continued on next page) No Advertising Support Accepted!