Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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24 SCREEN OPINIONS TELLS THE TRUTH Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE — .Change of Environment Often Has Good Results. Crudely Made Production Has Good Cast — Moral Inspiration Crudity in direction as well as unprofessional adaptation of a fair story prevents “The Soul Harvest” from winning a place among the best in screen production, but with more careful editing and scrupulous cutting, it should prove satisfactory in rural sections, and especially in the non-theatrical field. The plot revolves about a gang of thieves, one of whom, injured on the head by a policeman, suffers a loss of memory, encompasses the teachings of Peter Howard, a Californian healer who lives in the hills, eating nothing but fruits and vegetables, and believing in much the same doctrine as that taught by Dr. Coue. Howard believes that God works through him, healing those for whom he offers prayer, provided that they themselves obey his guidance. He also teaches that the moment you believe you are recovering at that second will you be healed. The religious element of the picture may interfere with its success in some communities. The cast, as will be noticed, is a good one. Some comedy is injected into the picture via Frank Hayes, Otto Lederer and Leon Artigue. Pat O’Malley, as the peacock, has only fair opportunities, but does well with them. Cleo Madison and Eugenie Gilbert also do effective work. STORY OF THE PLAY The Peacock is a member of a gang of thieves under the leadership of one Farone. In making his getaway from a hold-up on the De Lacy limousine, he is struck on the head by a policeman and loses his memory. The feminine member of the gang, the Chameleon, loves the Peacock, and having heard of Peter the Healer, she seeks his aid. The healer demands that he live with him out in the hills so that he can effect a cure of body and mind. Fearing that the Peacock will divulge the secrets of the gang, Farone and his associates decide to pretend illness also. The sojourn in the hills under the guidance of Peter the Healer causes all to lose their taste for the crooked path. The story closes with the betrothal of the Peacock and the Chameleon, with all started on the straight road. PROGRAM COPY— “The Soul Harvest”— With an All-Star Cast The crooked path lost its gilt edged sheen after the Peacock and his gang had lived near to the heart of nature and felt the power of faith in God. Pat O’Malley and Cleo Madison head the cast, together with a California hillsman and healer, Peter Howard. “GRUMPY”— [Class A-c] 90% (Adapted from play of same name) "Story: — Retired Lawyer Engineers Romance and Traces Stolen Diamond VALUE CAST Photography — Excellent — Guy Wilky. “Grumpy” Theodore Roberts TYPE OF PICTURE — Humorous. Virginia May McAvoy Moral Standard — Good. Ernest Heron... Conrad Nagel '■ 1 Chamberlin Jarvis Casson Ferguson Story — Excellent — Comedy-melodrama — Keble Bertram Johns Family. Ruddock Charles Ogle Cast — Excellent — All-Star, featuring Theodore Dawson Robert Bolder Roberts, May McAvoy and Conrad Nagle. Wolfe Charles French Authors — Excellent — Horace Hodges and T. Susan Bernice Frank Wigney Percival. Direction — Excellent — William DeMille. Adaptation — Excellent — Clara Beranger. Technique — Excellent. — " 1 — — Spiritual Influence — Average. April 15 to 30, 1923. Producer — Paramount Footage — 6,591 ft. Distributor — Famous Players Oar Opinion MORAL O'THE PLAY— None. One of the Best Comedies of the Season — Theodore Roberts Gives Masterful Performance Once in a while a picture is released which spells success from the very first foot of film. This is what we have to say of “Grumpy,” in which Theodore Roberts, in the title role, excels his best previous efforts. His portrayal of the half humorous, half grouchy retired lawyer, who is rarely seen apart from his checked shawl and his “shock absorber” Ruddock, is truly masterful. To be sure the manner in which the story has been handled, first by the adapter, (Continued on next page) No Advertising Support Accepted!