Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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‘‘BOOK THE NEW PERCENTAGE WAY” 27 meet the answer to his ad, he discovers to his dismay that pretty Celia Warren is accompanied by a half-grown daughter.. Later, after a series of adventures with cattle rustlers and vain efforts to keep his partner’s son out of trouble, he learns that he is in love with Diane Warren whom, dressed as a child, he disliked, but who, in garb of womanhood, appeals to him as a fitting companion for life. A murder case, in which Blake allows himself to be arrested to protect his partner’s son, is cleared when the father refuses to accept the sacrifice. PROGRAM COPY — “Crashing Through” — Featuring Harry Carey When Jim Blake advertised for a wife he didn’t bargain for a half-grown daughter at all. See “Crashing Through,” in which Harry Carey plays the hero who tries being a “big brother” and finds himself a lover. Lots of good riding and accompanying thrills. “LEOPARDESS”— [Class B] 65% (Adapted from story of same name) Story: — Hunter Who Forces Tropical Maid to Marry Is Killed by Captive Leopardess VALUE Photography — Very good — Gilbert Warrenton. TYPE OF PICTURE— Brutal. Moral Standard — Fair. Story — Average — Drama — Adults. Star — Good — Alice Brady. Author — Average— Katherine Newlin Burt. Direction — Good— Henry Kolker. Adaptation — Good— J. Clarkson Miller. Technique — Good. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Producer — Paramount CAST Tiare, an Island Belle Alice Brady Captain Croft Edward Langford Scott Quaigg Montagu Love Angus McKenzie Charles Kent Pepe George Beranger Evoa Marguerite Forrest Mamoe Glorie Eller April 15 to 30, 1923. Footage — 5,621 ft. Our Opinion Distributor — Famous Players MORAL O’THE PICTURE— None. Brutal Theme Detriment to Well-Made Picture — Star and Cast Good The character of the story of “The Leopardess” prevents us from giving the production a better rating. It is difficult to enthuse over a situation in which a brutal hunter who is said to torture as well as to break the heart of a leopardess against iron bars because it tried to kill him in the jungle, cruelly employs superstition to inveigle a tropical maid to marry him. Alice Brady gives a graceful and intelligent portrayal of the role of Tiare, an island belle, a half-caste, and Montagu Love, as the hunter, is all that the role demands. Edward Langford and Charles Kent are also outstanding figures in the cast. The tropical atmosphere is well established and many of the scenes are beautiful. Scenes aboard ship on a stormy sea are also good. The settings in the home of Scott Quaigg, the hunter, are artistic. The climax where the leopardess, set free, is locked in the rooms with Tiare, and where instead of killing the woman as intended she kills Quaigg, are quite thrilling. STORY OF THE PLAY Tiare, daughter of Angus McKenzie, and a native of a tropical isle, are persuaded into a loveless marriage by Scott Quaigg, a hunter with a brutal nature, by threatening Tiare with a superstition of the island in which the image of any individual slowly destroyed by flames will cause that person to die when accompanied by the usual incantations. Because Captain Croft, officer of Quaigg’s ship, tries to aid Tiare, he is thrown into the sea by Quaigg. He is rescued, however, from a desert isle by a passing ship, and returns to Tiare. When he is discovered by Quaigg, the latter releases a leopardess which he has made captive, but instead of destroying Tiare and Croft, it leaps at Quaigg’s throat and kill him. PROGRAM COPY — “The Leopardess” — Featuring Alice Brady Scott Quaigg’s cruelty to two captives, a leopardess and a woman, brought the punishment of death from the fury of the beast. Alice Brady’s graceful work in “The Leopardess” will fascinate you. She is supported by Montagu Love and Edward Langford in a fine cast. No Advertising Support Accepted!