Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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“BOOK THE NEW PERCENTAGE WAY” 33 Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE — Lasting Happiness Is Not Built on a Fictitious Foundation. Elaborately Mounted Production Has Splendid Cast “Glimpses of the Moon” is an elaborately staged production based on the marriage problem. If the picture is to be considered from the viewpoint of morals we would say it offers little of an elevating character, and yet is quite harmless in its influence. This last we claim because it appears to portray conditions as they do many times exist in society circles, and because the folly of the young married couple who sought happiness on the fictitious basis of ac0 cepting the luxurious hospitality of wealthy friends without providing for the future, is not condoned. For the greater part the picture is well directed, and the players, notably Nita Naldi and Bebe Daniels portray the characters in which they appear so effectively that they are not easily forgotten. The ladies of the picture wear some wonderful clothes. David Powell and Charles Gerrard are members of an excellent supporting cast. The settings are spacious and beautiful. STORY OF THE PLAY Susan Branch, in love with Nick Lansing, a poor novelist, has been kept in luxury by her friend, Ursula Gillow, who loves Nick better than she does her husband, and depends on Susan to keep her out of difficulties. But one day Susan and Nick decide that they will do something more than merely glimpse the moon — they will marry, have a real honeymoon and happiness for a time at least, letting the future take care of itself. They are invited to the home of a wealthy friend in Venice, but when they arrive there they find that she has gone away and left them to enjoy her villa alone. Again Susan is made a catspaw, and through mailing letters for her absent hostess to the latter’s husband without the knowledge of Nick, complications occur that finally separate the happy pair. Ursula coming on the scene again further complicates matters. The outcome of it all is that Nick and Susan realize their mistake and! decide to be happy though poor. PROGRAM COPY — “Glimpses of the Moon” — Bebe Daniels and Nita Naldi Susan Branch and Nick Lansing found to their chagrin that if you must go to a “honey moon” it’s safest to make your moorings fast to earth. You will like this tale of several unhappily wedded society people, with a romance of one pair that truly loved. Bebe Daniels, Nita Naldi, David Powell and an excellent supporting cast play the picture. “WOMAN IN BRONZE”— [Class B] 65% (Adapted from story of same name) Story: — Wife Becomes Inspiration for Husband’s Success VALUE CAST Photography — Good — William O’Connell. TYPE OF PICTURE— Entertaining. Moral Standard — Average. Story — Good — Drama— Adults. Star — Good — Clara Kimball Young. Author — Good — Henry Kistenmacher. Direction — Very good — King Vidor. Adaptation — Good — Hope Loring and Louis Lighton. Technique — Good. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Producer — Harry Garson Vivian Hunt Clara Kimball Young Paddy Miles John Bowers Sylvia Morton Katherine McGuire Reggie Morton Edwin Stevens Leonard Hunt. Lloyd Whitlock “Papa” Bonelli Edward Kimball May 1 to 15, 1923. Footage — 5,573 ft. Distributor — Metro Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE — Patience With the Erring Paves the Way to the Straight Road. Eternal Triangle Proves Interesting — Star and Cast Give Commendable Performance Once again the eternal triangle greets us from the screen, and “The Woman in Bronze” meets with our approval in its class. Perhaps had the character of the wife been developed in a less sympathetic and unusual manner the picture might not have been as interesting as it is. But then there are a number of reasons why the average person will be entertained by “The Woman in Bronze” beside the fact that the wife of the story, contrary to the judgment of most women in the same situation, elected to stand patiently by until her husband had seen the error of his ways and discovered in his own wife’s face the inspiration for his statue in bronze. The settings of the picture are un (Continued on next page) No Advertising Support Accepted!