Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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“BOOK THE NEW PERCENTAGE WAY” 37 excellent cast is employed in the production, the photography for the greater part is good, the settings are artistic and many times the composition of indi-. vidual scenes is noticeably well done. Mary Alden and Hedda Hopper, the two wives of the story, give splendid portrayals, and Charles 'Richman and Robert Edeson are effective in the husband roles. Charles Richman, as the wayward one, resorting to all the cunning of his type, is especially good. This is a good production for the transient theatre and indeed for tne neighborhood house, but it is a picture for exhibition before adults and not for child audiences. STORY OF THE PLAY Mrs. Adams, a frivolous wife and the mother of a fine young man, is drawn into a flirtation with Mr. Bell, who is the father of a daughter of seventeen. The discovery by the respective families of the unhappy situation causes the daughter of the man to appeal to the woman, who learns for the first time the havoc she has wrought in the home of another. The uncovering of the scandal results in shame and repentance, and the story closes with reconciliation, in two homes, and the romance of the son and daughter of each. PROGRAM COPY — “Has the World Gone Mad” — With an All-Star Cast The story of a man and a woman whose indiscretions all but wrecked eternally the happiness of two families is what you will find in the thrilling drama, “Has the World Gone Mad?” Among the members of an excellent cast are Mary Alden, Robert Edeson, Hedda Hopper and Charles Richman. “SAFETY LAST”— [Class A-c] 90% (Especially prepared for screen) Story: — Salesman Trying to Please Sweetheart and Employer VALUE CAST Photography — Excellent — Walter Lundin. The Boy TYPE OF PICTURE— Humorous— The Girl Thrilling. The Pal Moral Standard — Average. The Law The Floorwalker... Story — Excellent — Comedy — Family. The Kid Star — Excellent — Harold Lloyd. The Grandma Author — Excellent — Hal Roach. Direction — Excellent — Fred Newmeyer. Adaptation — Excellent — Hal Roach. Technique — Excellent. ■ Spiritual Influence — Neutral. May 1 to 15, 1923. Producer — Hal Roach Footage — 6,114 ft. Harold Lloyd Mildred Davis Bill Strother Noah Young Westcott B. Clarke Mickey Daniels . . . .Anna Townsend Distributor — Pathe Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE— None. Hair-Raising Stunts — Most Thrilling of Their Kind So fraught with nerve-wrecking suspense is the latest Harold Lloyd comedy that for at least the last two reels the spectator is held breathless waiting for the seemingly inevitable accident to happen. The opening reels are filled with delightful comedy, in which a young salesman believed by his sweetheart to be the manager of a department store, strives to uphold his dignity as such and still evade exposure. The plot is original and the big scenes of skyscraper climbing are thrust upon the hero by a human fly engaged for the purpose, because of police interference, and the one story which the hero was to climb finally stretches out to twelve terrible laps. Harold Lloyd, his director, photographer, together with the editors of the film, are deserving of # praise for concocting one of the greatest thrillers that the screen has yet presented. Pretty Mildred Davis plays the feminine lead and an excellent cast supports the star. STORY OF THE PLAY The boy, bidding goodby to his sweetheart at the railroad station, picks up a basket containing a pickaninny instead of his grip, and in returning it to the mammy, almost misses his train. Then come the adventures of the boy as a salesman in a department store, during a visit from his sweetheart, who, on seeing him emerge from the manager’s offices, where he has been called for a reprimand, believes he is manager of the store. Later, striving to make good, he grasps an opportunity to try his luck at booming the store, an effort which gains impetus from the offer of a reward of $1,000. He hires a human fly to scale the building; but before the (Continued on next page) No Advertising Support Accepted!