Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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38 SCREEN OPINIONS TELLS THE TRUTH man gets started a policeman is in pursuit, and Harold is obliged to keep faith with the crowd by doing the stunt himself. Only meaning to go one story, he is obliged for various reasons to keep on to the top. When he finally reaches it he is struck on the head and drops a couple of stories, dangling on the end of a rope. Finally, after his sweetheart reaches him, together they saunter off over the roof. PROGRAM COPY — “Safety Last” — Featuring Harold Lloyd You will need a nerve bracer before coming to see Harold Lloyd’s latest comedy adventure. It’s a thriller ! Can you imagine the hero clinging desperately to the hands of a clock ten stories from the ground? Don’t miss it — it’s the best yet. “SPIDER AND THE ROSE”— [Class B] 65% * (Adapted from story of same name) Story: — Romance of Youth and Maid of Mythical Kingdom With a Suave Villain VALUE Photography — Very good — Glenn McWilliams and Chas. Richardson. TYPE OF PICTURE— AdventurousInteresting. Moral Standard — Average. Story — Good — Melodrama — Family. Cast— Good — All-Star — With Alice Lake, Gaston Glass and Robert McKim. Author — Good — Gerald Duffy. Direction — Very good — Jack McDermott. Adaptation — Good — Not credited. Technique — Good. — — Spiritual Influence — Neutral. May 1 to 15, 1923. Producer — B. F. Zeidman Footage — 7,200 ft. Distributor — State Rights Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE— None. Reminiscent Story Played by Excellent Cast It seems that the majority of stories dealing with mythical kingdoms are built on situations that differ little one from the other; and the value of the picture is centered in capable adaptation, direction and a carefully chosen cast, “The Spider and the Rose” is built on a situation in which the usual revolution is brewing and the villain is trying to prevent the heroine of the story from marrying the man she loves by possessing her himself. An interesting point in the story, however, which is somewhat different from the average story of its kind, is the carefully planned scheme of the governor’s chief aide, to become governor himself. Robert McKim gives a finished performance as Mendozza, the villain of the picture, and Gaston Glass is a vigorous and attractive hero. Alice Lake is pleasing as Paula, the heroine. The picture would be improved with cutting, which would bring about a closer connection of the plot situations. Paula Alice Lake Mendozza Robert McKim Don Marcello Gaston Glass Governor Marcello Joseph Dowling An Attache Noah Beery STORY OF THE PLAY By continuous interjection of his own ideas in the scheme of government of a certain mythical kingdom, Mendozza, the villain, prevents Don Marcello, the son of the governor, from successfully drawing his father’s attention to the danger of revolution which threatens. Men £ dozza also does his best to keep Don Marcello and his sweetheart, Paula, apart, planning to marry the girl himself. In the events that follow, the governor is unseated and Don Marcello, discovered with the reactionary party which is banded together to fight the impositions placed on the people through the machinations of Mendozza, is thrown into prison. He finally escapes, and Mendozza, caught in his own trap, meets his death. The story closes with the lovers happy. PROGRAM COPY — “The Spider and the Rose” — Featuring Alice Lake, Robert McKim and Gaston Glass Like a spider weaving his net about a rose, the cruel Mendozza sought to ensnare the beautiful Paula. But destiny gave the winning cards to handsome Don Marcello, and so it goes. Don’t miss “The Spider and the Rose,” played by an excellent cast, headed by Alice Lake, Robert McKim and Gaston Glass. No Advertising Support Accepted!