Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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“BOOK THE NEW PERCENTAGE WAY” 39 “ABYSMAL BRUTE”— [Class B] 65% (Adapted from story of same name) Story: — Romance of a Prizefighter and a Society Girl VALUE Photography — Good — Charles Stumar. TYPE OF PICTURE — Interesting— Thrilling. Moral Standard — Average. Story — Good — Sporting drama — Family. Star — Good — Reginald Denny. Author — Good — Jack London. Direction — Good — Hobart Henley. Adaptation — Good — A. P. Younger. Technique — Good. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Producer — Universal CAST Pat Glendon, Jr Reginald Denny Marion Sangster Mabel Julienne Scott Pat Glendon, St Charles French Sam Stubener Hayden Stevenson Mortimer Sangster David Torrance Wilfrid Sangster Buddy Massenger Deane Warner Crauford Kent Gwendolyn Irene Haisman Mrs. MacTavish Dorothea Wolbert May 1 to IS, 1923. Distributor — Universal Footage — 7,375 ft. Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE— None. Good Fight Scenes — Star’s Success in “Leather Pushers” Even if we may feel that the situation on which the story of “The Abysmal Brute” is built is a bit far-fetched, the sporting atmosphere of the picture, and the amusing angle at which the prizefighter, Pat Glendon, is viewed by the author provides good entertainment. The accidental meeting of the society girl and the prizefighter at the beach, where the latter proves himself the hero of the moment and stays so in the eyes of the susceptible girl, his introduction to swell society, and the efforts of the girl who does not dream he is anything more than a simple country youth, to acquaint him with the simplest rules of ettiquette, affords incidents of sufficient interest to keep an audience in good humor. The fight scenes are both thrilling and amusing, and there are a number of them. Closer cutting would improve the production which should be found satisfactory, especially in theatres where sporting pictures are liked. Reginald Denny does acceptably well at Pat Glendon, and Mabel Julienne Scott is pleasing as the girl. Harry Mann and Kid Wagener put over some good comedy. The cast is good throughout. STORY OF THE PLAY Pat Glendon, the son of a famous ring fighter, accepts reluctantly the offer of a fight manager to go to the coast and make good in the ring. Shortly after he arrives there he saves a bather from drowning and is invited to the home of Marion Sangster, a society girl. After he has established himself in the good graces of the family and is on the road to romance with the girl, a rival tells that he is a prizefighter. But Pat is equal to the occasion, and realizing that Marion loves him in spite of appearances, goes to her home, lands his rival a wallop, and claims the girl. The story shows the lovers on their way to the north woods from which Pat came, following the performance of the marriage ceremony. PROGRAM COPY — “The Abysmal Brute” — Featuring Reginald Denny When Pat Glendon left the forests of his homeland to win fame in the prize ring, he didn’t count on the adventurous romance that was destined to be his. You will like this story of a prizefighter and a society girl, with Reginald Denny, of the “Leather Pushers,” in the stellar role. “VERGEANCE OF THE BEEP”— [Class B] 65% (Especially prepared for screen) Story: — Adventures and Romance on Tropical Island • VALUE CAST Photography — Average — Paul Ivan. Captain Musgrore Ralph Lewis TYPE OF PICTURE — Unusual. Ethel Musgrove Virginia Brown Faire Moral Standard — Average. Jean Van Mattimore ■ 1 1 '■ — Frederico Harmon McGregor Story — Good — Drama — Family. Tagu William Anderson Cast — Good — All-Star. Native Chief “Smoke” Turner Author — Good — A. B. Barringer. Kiliki Maida Vale Direction — Good — A. B. Barringer. Adaptation — Fair — J. L. Lamothe and Agnes Parsons. Technique — Average. ■ Spiritual Influence — Neutral. May 1 to 15, 1923. Producer — A. B. Barringer Footage — 4,753 ft. Distributor — American Releasing Corp. (Continued on next page) No Advertising Support Accepted!