Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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40 SCREEN OPINIONS TELLS THE TRUTH Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE — Peace Bought With Gifts Is Better Than Peace Gained Through War. Under Sea Photography Feature of Production — Subtitles Poor The feature of “Vengeance of the Deep,” which will appeal to the majority of those who view the picture is the excellent undersea photography, showing men diving for pearls and walking on the floor of the ocean. A fight with a shark is also shown and many interesting details in connection with the art of deep sea diving. The story is hard to follow and not at any moment during the run of the picture is the spectator quite sure what the central idea ^ of the plot is. Ralph Lewis is the rich man of the island, hating the natives because they interfere with his monopoly of the pearl fisheries, and eventually he learns the religion of peace as taught to the natives by a missionary — to give gifts for peace instead of expecting to gain it through warfare. There is a romance between a beach comber and the rich man’s daughter, and an attempt by the rival to drown the lover while they are both in search of a chest of treasure. The surf scenes are beautiful — in fact, the picture has much scenic beauty. Van Mattimore, a new player, we believe, does well as Jean — he is also fine looking. Outside of Ralph Lewis the cast is only fair. STORY OF THE PLAY Captain Musgrove, his daughter and a group of whites occupy a small island in the tropics, where Musgrove tries to monopolize the pearl fisheries and prevent the natives from enjoying’ the privileges of fishing. Because Musgrove runs down Tagu, a native, capsizing his boat, the natives vow vengeance, but are dissuaded by one of their number who believes that according to the teaching of a missionary, peace bought with gifts is better than peace procured through war. Musgrove determines to marry his daughter to one Frederico, whom she loathes, and the ceremony is about to be performed when Jean, who is reported by Frederico to be drowned, comes up out of the sea to claim the girl and punish Frederico for his attempt to put him to death at the bottom of the ocean. PROGRAM COPY — “Vengeance of the Deep” — With an All-Star Cast, Featuring Ralph Lewis Deep sea photography, romance of the pearl fisheries, and strange and interesting Scene* on a tropical island are features of the unusual production, “Vengeance of the Deep,” featuring Ralph Lewis and a good cast. “GO-GETTER”— [Class A-c] 90% (Adapted from story of same name) Story: — Returned Soldier’s Method of Getting the Job He Wants VALUE CAST Photography — Very good — Not credited. TYPE OF PICTURE — Inspiring — Humorous. Moral Standard — Excellent. Story — Excellent — Comedy — F amily . Cast — Excellent — All-Star — With T. Roy Barnes and Seena Owen. Author — Excellent — Peter B. Kyne. Direction — Excellent — E. H. Griffith. Adaptation — Excellent — John Lynch. Technique — Excellent. Spiritual Influence — Excellent. Producer — Cosmopolitan Bill Peck T. Roy Barnes Mary Skinner Seena Owen Cappy Ricks William Norris Charles Skinner Tom Lewis Daniel Silver Louis Wolheim Jack Morgan Fred Santley Joe Ryan.... John Carr Hugh McNair Frank Currier May 1 to 15, 1923. Distributor — Famous Players Footage — 7,771 ft. Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE— If You Really Want a Job Go Get It. Valuable Lesson and Plenty of Entertainment in “The Go-Getter” “The Go-Getter” is one of the season’s best comedies. It is a picture that anybody can enjoy — wholesome and bright and brim full of pep. T. Roy Barnes is exactly the type to play the title role — in fact, we know of no one who could have done it as well — and William Norris as Cappy Ricks is the embodiment of the keen, kindly little business man, alive with nervous energy — he plays the part delightfully. What could be more amusing than Bill Peck’s way of attacking the problem of getting a job, with the job all picked out and his cards printed, so as to be ready when he gets the job? Or Cappy Ricks’ reception (Continued on next page) No Advertising Support Accepted! t