Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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“BOOK THE NEW PERCENTAGE WAY” 41 of the young man he understood the moment he handed him that card with his daring explanation of why he had it printed? It is unnecessary to go into detail about this picture, the title of which tells a story. If you fail to book it you will miss a good thing. It is well made and has all the things that the people like. The supporting cast is excellent. STORY OF THE PLAY Bill Peck, honorably discharged from the veterans’ hospital, starts out to get a job he wants, with his business cards printed and bearing the name of a big lumber firm with which he means to get a job as salesman. He is accepted by the proprietor, Cappy Ricks, after being turned down by the manager, and sells his first shipment of lumber to a man Cappy has decided not to sell to, and gets fired for his trouble. But Bill refuses to stay fired, and straightway goes out and makes another big sale. The result is that Cappy Ricks decides that he is the man he wants for an important mission to China. To prove that he is all he thinks! he is1 he puts him to the test by sending him on a fool’s errand on which Bill, after a night of adventure, hires an aeroplane to deliver to Cappy, aboard the midnight express, a blue vase he has asked him to procure. Bill’s chagrin turns to happiness when he learns that his tenacity and loyalty have been the means of getting him the China job. A romance is also interwoven in the story. PROGRAM COPY— “The Go-Getter”— With an All-Star Cast Featuring T. Roy Barnes The word “can’t” wasn’t in Bill Peck’s dictionary — he just knew he could do a thing and then went and did it. You will laugh as you never laughed before at T. Roy Barnes in “The Go-Getter.” “THREE JUMPS AHEAD”— [Class B] 65% (Especially prepared for scecn) Story: — Westerner in Love With Cattle Rustler’s Daughter VALUE CAST Photography— Good — Not credited. Boone McLean TYPE OF PICTURE — Adventurous. Ann Darrell... Moral Standard — Average. Story — Good — Comedy-melodramaStar — Good — Tom Mix. Author — Good — Jack Ford. Direction — Good— Jack Ford. Adaptation — Good — Jack Ford. Technique — Good. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Producer — Fox Burk Taggert ■ 1 ■ John Darrell. . Family. Mra Darrell.. Alicia Ben McLean. Lige McLean. May 1 to 15, 1923. Footage — 4,854 ft. Tom Mix Alma Bennett Edward Piel Joe Girard Virginia True Boardman Margaret Joslin Frank Forde Harry Todd Distributor — Fox Our Opinion MORAL O'THE PICTURE— None. Peppy Western With Good Comedy — Amusing Types Tom Mix is at his best in “Three Jumps Ahead,” in which, with his good horse Tony, he manages to put over comedy stunts and thrills. Leaping over a bridgeless abyss is just one of the horsemanship feats accomplished by the star. The plot of “Three Jumps Ahead” is a bit more substantial than some of those employed recently in Tom Mix pictures, and in addition to attractive melodramatic situations opportunities for comedy are plentiful, and are interpreted by one or two old timers in the game, including Harry Todd and Margaret Joslin. The romantic angle is nicely developed, with pretty Alma Bennett as the story’s sweetheart. This is a sure fire attraction for the average neighborhood house. STORY OF THE PLAY Boone McLean vowed vengeance on Darrell, one of a gang of cattle rustlers who, on an occasion when he and his uncle were overwhelmed by the gang, had Boone whipped at the stake, and accepts an offer to bring Darrell, who had returned to his family, back to the cave of the rustlers. In the events that follow Boone meets and falls in love with Darrell’s daughter, without knowing her relationship to the man he is after. Boone stages a frameup, getting Darrell into a plot to rob the stage coach of a shipment of gold. Instead of the gold, however, they find the stage contains the leader of the rustlers and one or two of his men. The rangers in pursuit arrest the law breakers, and Boone protects Darrell for the sake of his daughter. The story ends happily. PROGRAM COPY — “Three Jumps Ahead” — Featuring Tom Mix Boone McLean always managed to land about three jumps ahead of the thing that he was after, and sometimes he had reason to regret it. See what a plight he was in when he framed the father of his sweetheart. Tom Mix is the star of this thrilling and very funny comedymelodrama. No Advertising Support Accepted!