Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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42 SCREEN OPINIONS TELLS THE TRUTH “EAST SIDE-WEST SIDE”— [Class B] 65% (Especially prepared for screen) Story: — Poor Girl’s Struggle to Keep Straight Wins Rich Husband VALUE CAST Photography — Good — Arthur Martinelli. Lory James Eileen Percy TYPE OF PICTURE! — Interesting. Kit Lamson Maxine Elliott Hicks Moral Standard — Average. Eunice Potter Lucille Hutton 1 — 1,1 Mrs. Cornelius Van Norman Story — Good — Melodrama — Family. Duncan Van Norman Kenneth Harlan Cast — Good — All-Star, with Eileen Percy. Paget John Prince Author — Good — Leighton Osman. Amy Van Norman Betty May Direction — Good — Irving Cummings. Dr. Ernest Shepley Charles Pailes Adaptation — Good — Hope Loring. Skiddy Stillman Wally Van Technique — Good. ■ — — . ... Spiritual Influence — Average. May 1 to IS, 1923. Producer — Principal Pictures Footage — 6,000 ft Distributor — State Rights Our Opinion MORAL O’THE PICTURE— It Pays to Go Straight. Story Ordinary, But of Type That Interests in Cheap Localities — Cast Good “East Side West Side” should go well in certain localities, presumably in the cheaper theatres. The story is interesting, but ordinary in theme and contains little if any originality. One of the best situations in the picture is where the girl, who means to go straight in spite of environment, steals from the forgotten wallet of a rich benefactor to make it possible for her little friend to go away where she can be cured of tuberculosis. The moral of this situation is questionable, but the average person is going to feel sympathy with the girl who risked the thing she was striving hardest to obtain — an honest reputation — to save a friend. There are features in the direction of the picture that are not quite what they should be. For instance, Wally Van’s comedy does not always ring true, and Kenneth Harlan is unduly emotional. On the other hand, Eileen Percy is true to form. The whole production could be snapped up a bit, but on the whole, it is an acceptable picture. STORY OF THE PLAY Lory James, an east side girl struggling to go straight, while others about her are choosing their own paths, is given the opportunity to be secretary to a rich young writer, who has become eccentric and soured on women. Lory wins his approval and is soon an important accessory to his success. In the incidents that occur she leaves the Van Norman home because t>f an insult offered by Duncan Van Norman’s mother. Later the differences are patched up and Lory and her former employer marry after he has been threatened with being disinherited and Lory has inherited a fortune through the death of a little friend who died of tuberculosis. PROGRAM COPY— “East Side West Side”— With an All-Star Cast Lory James struggled to be respectable, but almost lost out through mistaken1 kindness. You will be interested m the story of an east side girl’s battle with conflicting circumstances. Eileen Percy and Kenneth Harlan have the leading roles. “BRAWN OF THE NORTH”— [Class B] 65% (Especially prepared for screen) Story: — Adventures of Man, Woman and Dog in Wilds of North VALUE CAST Photography — Very good — C. B. Dryer. Marion Wells Irene Rich TYPE OF PICTURE — Interesting — Peter Coe Lee Shumway Adventurous. Howard Burton Joseph Barrel Moral Standard — Good. Lester Wells Roger Manning Missionary Philip Hubbard Story — Good — Drama — Family. Missionary’s Wife Jean Metcalf Star — Good — Strongheart. Baby Baby Evangeline Bryant Author — Good — Not credited. Vamp Lady Silver Direction — Good — Laurence Trimble. Brawn Strongheart Adaptation — Fair — Not credited. Technique — Fair. Spiritual Influence — Average. May 1 to IS, 1923. Producers — Laurence Trimble and Jane Murfin Footage — 7,650 ft. Distributor — First National (Continued on next page) f No Advertising Support Accepted!