Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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56 Soreen Or»!ni#*ou foils tbo Tv»itl\ “VIRGIN”— 65% (Adapted from "The Virgin of San Bias”) Reviewed December, 1924 VALUE Photography — Good — Not credited. Moral standard — Average. Story — Good — Drama — Adults. Author — Good — Julio Sabello. Cast — Good — All-Star. Direction— Good — Alvin J. Neitz. Technique — Average. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. CAST Maria Dorothy Revier David Kent Kenneth Harlan Ruiz Sam De Grasse Valet Frank Lackeen Producer — Phil Goldstone. Footage — About 6800 feet. Distributor — State Rights. THE OPINION Interesting story with Spanish atmosphere. A bit too long, but the action proves interesting. One of the thrills of the picture which is well mandled is a sword bout between the hero and the villain. The romance holds considerable suspense. Tjis will serve fairly well on the neighborhood program. It is sufficiently different in general outline to hold the attention of the average audience. THE STORY Maria loves David Kent. Don Ruiz proves that Kent's father murdered the father of Maria years before; and Maria, believing she can forget David, marries Ruiz. Later, in a duel Ruiz is killed, and the lovers are free to marry. “OH, DOCTOR!”— 90% (Adapted from story of same name) Reviewed December, 1924 VALVE CAST Photography — Very good — Warrenton. Rufus Billups, Jr Reginald Denny Moral standard — Average. Dolores Hicks Mary Astor Story — Excellent— Comedy — Family. Mr. Clinch Otis Harlan Author — Excellent — Harry Leon Wilson Mr. McIntosh William Mong Star — Excellent — Reginald Denny. Mr. Peck _ Tom Ricketts Direction — Excellent — Harry A. Pollard — — — Technique — Excellent. Producer — Universal. Spiritual influence — Neutral. Footage — 6587 feet. Moral — Illness often only imagination. Distributor — Universal. THE OPINION One of the season's best. Cast unusually good. Original and funny. Any audience will understand and like it. The director has hit on a lot of amusing business such as individual ways of expressing nervousness as shown by the three men. One tears paper to bits, another treads a conventional design on the carpet, and the other repeatedly hooks his neck with cane. The adventures of the hero after he has determined to master the things he has feared include automobile accidents and an attempt to paint a flag pole. TIIE STORY His determination to overcome fear that he is ill and be a man the girls like, causes Rufus to break out of a sanitarium and creates interesting comedy with the ending in which he is about to be married to a pretty nurse. “TORRENT”— 50% (Adapted from story of same name) Reviewed December, 1924 VALUE Photography — Good — Not credited. Moral standard — Average. Story — Average — Rom.-Melo. — Adults. Author — Average — L. McCormick. Star — Excellent — Rin-Tin-Tin, a dog. Direction — Average — Ho wardYounger Technique — Average. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. CAST Hale Garrison William Fairbanks Gloria Manners Ora Carew Ernest Leeds Frank Elliott Sea Captain Chas. K. French Another Woman Gertrude Astor Producer — Phil Goldstone. Footage — About 5800 feet. Distributor — State Rights. THE OPINION Some good jazz and a romance at sea. A good deal that is the same old stuff. Cheap theatres will like this production, and it may fill the bill in the transient theatre, but too trivial for the better class houses. THE STORY A frivolous young woman is married at sea to Garrison as a joke. When they land Garrison kidnaps her, Gloria learns that she loves her husband. “BELOVED BRUTE”— 80% (Adapted from story of same name) VALUE Photography — Very good — Not credited. Moral standard — Average. Story — Very good — Drama — Adults. Author — Very good — Kenneth Perkins. Cast — Very good — All-Star. Direction — Very good — J. S. Blackton. Technique — Very good. Spiritual Influence — Average. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST Jacinta Marguerite De La Motte Charles Hinges Victor McLaglen David Hinges William Russell Augustina Mary Alden China Jones Stuart Holmes Producer — Albert E. Smith. Footage — 6719 feet. Distributor — Vitagraph.