Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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Nt Advertising Support Accepted 57 THE OPINION The story has originality and is different, haying vigor, buoyancy and sex appeal. The characters are interesting. Victor McLaglen, new to the screen, gives a remarkable performance as Charlie Hinges. He is exactly the type, rugged and magnetic. The production is clean and should draw well in the neighborhood house as well as in transient theatres. Splendid fighting and wrestling scenes are presented. THE STORY After a single-handed raid on Jones' dance hall, Charlie rescues Jacinta, a dancer. Later Charles wrestles David, a giant. David is victor, and Charlie believes that Jacinta can no longer love him. Later when David is about to be lynched, Charlie comes to his rescue. Jacinta discovers that she loves Charlie. “MAN WITHOUT A HEART”— 65% (Adapted from novel of same name) VALUE Photography — Good — Edward Paul. Moral standard — Average. Story — Good — Drama— Adults. Author— Good — Ruby M. Ayres. Cast — Good — All-Star. Direction — Good — Burton King. Technique — Good. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST Richard Asher Kenneth Harlan Barbara Wier Jane Novak Edmund Hyde David Powell Linda Hyde Faire Binney Hugh Langley Bradley Barker Producer — Banner Productions. Footage — About 6000 feet. Distributor — State Rights. THE OPINION Good program feature for any theatre. Women will like it especially. There is well sustained suspense and fascinating romance. Much human interest with careful editing make the result satisfactory. There are some different touches that will help put it across. Usual love mixup in plot. THE STORY Richard Asher returning from abroad believes that Barbara Wier plans to run away with his sister's husband. He kidnaps Barbara and takes her to a mountain cabin, where after dramatic events, Barbara’s innocence is shown. She quickly forgives Asher and a wedding follows. “WHITE MAN”— 80% (Adapted from story of same name) Reviewed December, 1924 VALUE Photography — Very good — Karl Struss. Moral standard — Average. Story — Very good— Drama — Adults. Author — Very good — G. A. Chamberlain Cast — Very good — All-Star. Direction — Very good — Louis Gasnier. Technique — Very good. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. CAST Lady Andrea Pellor Alice Joyce White Man Kenneth Harlan River Thief Walter Long Producer — B. P. Schulberg. Footage — 6370 feet. Distributor — B. P. Schulberg Prod. THE OPINION Entertaining production; will please women especially. The unusual story will put this across. The dialogue used in the subtitles describes in an interesting way the battle of wits that ends in love. The sex element is strong without being objectionable. The tropical atmosphere is good. Acting excellent. THE STORY Lady Andrea Pellor about to be married, ascends with an aviator. Because of a broken propellor she is obliged to remain in his jungle cabin for several days, and fall in love with one another. A struggle to rescue the woman from a river thief brings matters to a climax. The man proves to be her brother’s war buddy. “PAINTED FLAPPER”— 65% (Adapted from a stage play of the same name) Reviewed December, 1924 VALUE Photography — Good — Not credited. Moral standard — Average. Story — Good — Drama — Adults. Author— Good — Alan Pearl. Cast — Good — All-Star. Direction — Good — John Gorman. Technique — Good. Spiritual Influence — Average. Moral — Maintain domestic felicity. CAST Richard Whitney James Kirkwood Arline Whitney ..Pauline Garon Egbert Van Slyn .Crauford Kent Isabel Whitney Kathlyn Williams Jimmy Arnold John Harron Producer — Chadwick Pictures. Footage — About 6000 feet. Distributor — State Rights. THE OPINION Will please the average audience. Production lacks the absorbing quality of other recent flapper pictures, but exhibitor can feel certain of fair satisfaction. Play up the cast and emphasize the jazz element. Good moral. Settings artistic, and women becomingly gowned. Kirkwood good and Pauline Garon fascinating. Girls and women will like the picture. Not for Sunday showing. THE STORY Arline Whitney realizes that her sister Eunice engaged to Van Alyn, a questionable society man, loves Jimmy Arnold. Striving to break the engagement she meets her estranged father, who rescues her from the unwholesome situation. Van Alyn is shown up and happiness restored.