Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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Screen Opinions Tells the Truth S8 “LOVER OF CAMILLE”— 80% (Adapted from the play, "Duburau”) VALUE Photography — Very good — David Abel. Moral standard — Dow. Story — Very good — Drama — Adults. Author — Very good — Sacha Guitry. Cast — Very good — All-Star. Direction — Very good — H. Beaumont. Technique — Very good. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST Jean Gaspard Duburau Monte Blue Maria Duplessia Marie Prevost Kobillard Willard Louis Charles Deburau(age 10) T. Moore Charles Deburau(age 17) P Gendron Producer — Warner Bros. Footage — 7200 feet. Distributor — Warner Bros. THE OPINION Good audience picture and artistic in part. Blue gives a good performance in the earlier scenes. Presentation of the play within a play, with clown in pantomime, notable achievements. Grostesque figures including a ghost which emerges from manhole in the street, are engrossing. On the other hand comparing the production with the story of Camille the picture is not what might be expected. Marie Prevost is not the type for Camille. Not a neighborhood picture — too much sex appeal, and too devoid of moral balance. THE STORY Discovery by Deburau that Camille has other lovers causes him to lose interest in life. Years laterv his son Charles also falls in love with Camille. On the evening of Camille’s death Deburau is scheduled for an engagement at the theatre after years of absence. He is unable to overcome his grief at the theatre and following a failure to impersonate the clown his son steps into the role and saves the day. “LASH OF THE WHIP” — 40% (Especially prepared for the screen) VALUE Photography — Fair — Not credited. Moral standard — Average. Story — Fair — Melodrama — Family. Author — Fair — Francis Ford. Cast — Average — All-Star. Direction — Fair — Francis Ford. Technique — Fair. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST “Pinto” Pete Ashton Dearbolt Unknown Heroine Florence Gilbert “Hurricane” Smith Francis Ford Frank Blake Frank Baker “Pinto” Pete’s Servant H. Dunkinson Producer — Ashton Dearholt. Footage — 4820 feet. Distributor — Arrow. OPINION THE Cheap audiences will find good entertainment in this one because of the swift melodramatic action. Story trivial. The hero wields a long-lashed whip. This is something of a novelty. THE STORY “Hurricane” Smith plots to keep the railroad from entering the city. Smith .and his associates are finally beaten, and the railroad is put through. “PAIR OF HELLIONS”— 50% (Adapted from story of same name) VALUE Photography — Average — Not credited. Moral standard — Average. Story — Average — Melodrama — Family. Author— Average — P. C. McFarlane. Cast — Average — All-Star. Direction — Average — Willis Bell. Technique — Average. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST Luther Jones Ranger Bill Miller Mable Turner Patricia Palmer Searfaee Moody Hal Stephens Ezra Mead Ashley Cooper Mrs. Mead Flora Moore Producer — Lee Bradford. Footage — About 5800 feet. Distributor — State Rights. THE OPINION Average melodrama with peppy action. The struggle of the hero with the crook gang provides a number of swift scenes including an automobile chase. This is a good picture for the cheap theatres. THE STORY A westerner falling for girl’s sympathy gag is lured into a trap. A stiff fight occurs and the hero wins, and then takes the regretful girl west as his wife. “FIGHTING HEART”— 65% (Especially prepared for screen) VALUE Photography — Good — Not credited. .Moral standard — Average. Story — Good — Melodrama — Family. Author — Good — Jack Nelson. Star — Good — Frank Merrill. Direction — Good — Nelson-Younger. Technique — Good. Spritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST .Tack Melford Frank Merrill Rae David Margaret Landis "Cloudy” Day Melbourn Moran te Blanch Renault Kathleen Calhoun Dr. Logan Otto Lederer Producer — Hurcules Film Trod. Footage — About 5000 feet. Distributor — State Right.