Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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No Advertising Support Accepted 58 THE OPINION Fast melodrama and comedy make this a safe bet for the average theatre. Neighborhood audiences will like it — children as well as grownups. Fine comedy where man in a nightmare tussels with an evil creature. Chairs move about the room unaided, bedclothes fly off the bed, etc. The efforts of the evil ones to oppose the hero provides situations of fine suspense. THE STORY Following the death of his father at the hands of a hypnotist who makes way with his property, the son sets out to find the hypnotist. The bulk of the story covers his adventures in saving the aunt of his sweetheart from a similar fate with the final roundup of the evil doctor. “STEPPING LIVELY”— 50% (Adapted from story of same name) VALUE Photography — Good — Marshall-Stevens. Moral standard — Average. Story — Average — Melodrama — Family. Author — Average — Frank H. Clark. Star — Average — Richard Talmadge. Direction — Average — James W. Horne. Technique — Average. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST Dave Allen Richard Talmadge Evelvn Pendrey Mildred Harris Robbins Brinsley Shaw Artemus Doolittle Kred Kelsey Josef Re Baron Marie Carille Producer — Carlos Productions. Footage — About 5000 feet. Distributor — State Rights. THE OPINION Interesting athletic stunts by the star a feature. The hero’s adventures in trailing down a bond thief are peppy, and interwoven with acceptable comedy. Production not out of ordinary, but should serve as average program feature in any theatre. THE STORY Dave Allen, confidential adviser of Banker Pendrey, arouses jealousy in Re Baron, who means to marry Pendroy’s daughter, Evelyn. Re Baron, a thief, tries to frame Allen with a bond theft. A casket of jewels planted to trap Re Baron enables Allen and Evelyn to right the situation. “FLATTERY”— 65% (Especially prepared for screen) Reviewed December, 1924 VALUE Photography — Good— Perry and Green. Moral standard — Average. Story — Good — Drama — Family. Author — Good — H. H. Van Roan. Cast— Good — John Bower. Direction — Good — Tom Forman. Technique — Good. Spiritual Influence — Good. Moral — Don’t be misled by flattery. CAST Reg. Mallory John Bower Betty Biddle Marguerite de la Motte Barrington Alan Hale The Mayor Rewis Morrison Mr. Biddle Edward Davis Producer — Mission Films. Footage — 5859 feet. Distributor — State Rights. THE OPINION Contains valuable lesson for men, showing young man signing paper without reading it, trusting to integrity of dishonest mayor and scheming politicians. The supporting cast is an especially efficient one. Good program feature for any theatre. The disintegrating of a building due to an explosion is quite spectacular and novel. THE STORY Reg Mallory, appointed city engineer by a crooked mayor, flatter him into signing a paper calling for the use of inferior material in the new city hall. An attempt is made to throw the blame on Mallory. Betty extricates Mallory, who is her sweetheart, and causes the arrest of the real villains. “HARD HITTIN’ HAMILTON”— 65% (Especially prepared for the screen) VARTJE Photography — Good — Not credited. Moral standard — Average. Story — Good — Melodrama — Family. Author — Good — Not credited. Star — Average — Buffalo Bill, Jr. Direction — Good — Richard Thorpe. Technique — Good. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. THE Reviewed December, 1924 CAST Bill Hamilton Buffalo Bill, Jr. Mary Downing Hazel Keener Buck Wilson Gordon Russell Skinflint Bresslcr William Ryne Jim Downing “Rafe” McKee Producer — Action Pictures. Footage — About 5000 feet. Distributor — Artclas. OPINION Has plenty of red-blooded action and good plot. The average picture audience will like it. One or two especially fast fights occur as well as some thrilling horseback riding. The star is satisfactory in the role he plays, and the supporting cast is competent. You can bank on this one if your patrons like fast moving westerns. THE STORY Bill Hamilton is framed for murder. The girl extracts a confession from °.f the crooks and is saved by Bill in a struggle with the murderer who tries to secure his pal s confession. The story ends romantically