Screen Opinions (1923-24)

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Art Screen Opinions Telia the Truth “WESTERN FATE”— 25% (Especially prepared for the screen) VALVE Photography— Fair — Not credited. Moral standard — Average. Story — Poor — Melodrama — Family. Author — Poor — Not credited. Star — Fair — Dick Hatton. Direction — Poor — Not credited. Technique — Poor Spiritual influence — Neutral. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST Man Dick Hatton Girl Neva Gerber Producer — Not credited. Footage — About 5000 feet. Distributor — Arrow. THE OPINION Essentially for the cheaper theatres. Nothing objectionable from a moral standpoint, but just the cheapest kind of melodrama. Story and direction very ordinary. THE STORY Girl protects man she loves from Jake, a bad man who she exposes as the murderer of her brother. The youth she protected becomes her fiance. “FIND YOUR (Especially prepared for the screen) VALUE Photography — Excellent — L6e Garmes. Moral standard — Good. Story — Very good — Melodrama. — Family Author — Very good — D. F. Zanuck. Star — Excellent — Rin-Tin-Tin, A Dog. Direction — Very good — Mai St. Clair. Technique — Very good. Spiritual Influence — Good. Moral — None outstanding. MAN” — 80% Reviewed December, 1924 CAST Buddy : Rin-Tin-Tin Caroline Blair June Marlowe Paul Andrews Eric St. Clair Gregory Mills Charles Mailes Martin Dains rat Hartigan Producer — Warner Bros. Footage — 7358 feet. Distributor — Warner Bros. THE OPINION Fascinating story starring Rin-Tin-Tin. Opening shows dog succoring the wounded on the battlefield. Story is stirring and is enacted against genuine background of a logging camp with river scenes. The dog shows almost human intelligence. Fine human interest and comedy is found throughout, good suspense and a nice romance. Bill the picture on the "wonder dog” idea and it is bound to prove a good box office attraction. THE STORY Paul Andrews and his police dog escape jail and arrive at a lumber camp. Paul becomes the victim of a frameup on the part of two men. A man is shot and Paul is arrested for the murder. In the court room terror of the dog causes Pa ines to confess. “BRIDE FOR A KNIGHT”— 25% (Especially prepared for the screen) VALUE Photography — Average — A. A. Caldwell. Moral standard — Fair. Story — Poor — Com.-Melodr. — Family. Author — Poor — Hamilton Smith. Cast — Good — All-Star. Direction — Poor — Hamilton Smith. Technique — Poor. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST Jimmy Poe Henry Hull Jean Hawthorne Mary Thurman Producer — Syracuse M. P. Co. Footage — About 5000 feet. Distributor — Producers Security Co. THE OPINION Flat failure. Don’t book it. Unusually poor subtitles prevent what plot there is getting across. The cast is cood. “NOT BUILT FOR RUNNIN’ ”—50% (Especially prepared for the screen) VALUE Photography — Average — Not credited. Moral standard — Average. Story — Average — Melodrama — Family. Author — Average — Not credited. Star — Average — Leo Maloney. Direction — Average — Not credited. Technique — Average — Not credited. Spiritual Influence — Neutral. Moral — None. Reviewed December, 1924 CAST "Sunny Jack" Farr Leo Maloney Lou Coberly Josephine Hill Todd Randall Milton H. Farney “Grizzly” Dobbs Whitehorse Martha Coberly Evelyn Thatcher Producer — William Steiner. Footage — About 5000 feet. Distributor — State Rights. THE OPINION Good picture for low price, cheap theatres; western melodrama with an average plot. Some fast fighting livens up the climax. Good comedy. THE STORY Farr, a western drifter, with his pal espouses the cause of a young girl ranch owner against her next door neighbor who turns out to be her father. The drifter wins the day and marries the girl.