Showman (1937)

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Illustrations Grace George as Lady Teagle in "The School For Scandal," New Theater, New York, 1909. William A. Brady as a young man in 1894. Alice Brady in 1932. Frontispiece FACING PAGE Maude Adams, as the child in "The Celebrated Case," 1878. 64 Yousouf, The Terrible Turk. Lydia Thompson in "Robinson Crusoe." James J. Corbett, William A. Brady, Charley White at Carson City, Nevada, where Corbett was train- ing to meet "Bob" Fitzsimmons. 159 William A. Brady, James J. Corbett, Millie James. A row during the rehearsal of "The Naval Cadet," 1897 when Corbett was Champion of the World. Florenz Ziegfeld. 174 Anna Held. Holbrook Blinn in "The Boss" in 1911. 223 David Warfield, 1937. Gaby Deslys in "Vera Violetta," Winter Garden, New York in 1911.