Showman (1937)

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SHOWMAN didn't yet allow fights in Madison Square Garden, it was obvious that, with the crowds we could seat and the money we could pay, we'd have a monopoly on the best fights from the start. The results of our audacity began to show up immediately. When we applied for our license, we weren't refused flat out— the police commission, a four-headed anomaly where it was impossible to fix responsibility, just kept on failing to act on our application. All the while we were paying rent on an enormous building. Every time we tried to do something about this dead stymie, the boys put the screws on a round tighter and nothing kept right on happening. I even heard on good authority that the boys had already figured it out among themselves who would take our lease over when we were licked. At that point I went to see Alexander Brown and he started seeing red. He took me over to have it out with Hugh McLoughlin, the Democratic boss of Brooklyn, reminding him that we'd never have gone into the thing at all without his assurance that our license would be forthcoming. "Listen, boys," said McLoughlin, hammering the table. "They'll grant that license next meeting or there'll be a split in the Democratic Party in New York State." When McLoughlin put his foot down, something went scrunch. We got our license. Immediately I wired Jeffries, who was hunting in the California mountains, 198