Showman (1937)

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Chapter VI THE NEARER THE TURN OF THE CENTURY, THE MORE ODD things I found myself turning my hand to. In a gen- eral view prizefighting and the theater have been the strongest flavors in my troubled existence. But, when I was temporarily out of the boxing-game, my natural combination of restlessness and lack of discretion made me stick my finger into all kinds of pies, both in sport and out of it. After all, it was just showmanship in one form or another. It's impossible to draw a hard and fast line between the theater and the arena. The funda- mentals of getting people to pay money to see some- thing happen are the same in any field. In wrestling, for instance. My career in the grunt- and-struggle racket wasn't very lengthy. But it packed a great deal of action into a small period of time be- cause the focus of my wrestling activities was that in- credible creature, Yousouf, the Terrible Turk. He was a standing guarantee of trouble and low humor. First and last he must have been responsible for as many riot-calls as the Communist Party. Leave him by him- self and he was reasonably inoffensive. Put him in front 209