Showmen's Trade Review (Jan-Mar 1940)

Record Details:

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n r' It is a comforting tkougkt in tkese uncertain times to finJ tke leader of tke motion picture industry serenely static^ solidly strong, tkankfuUy capakle of ass uring continued security and prosperity to its tkousands of friendly customers. AV^itk jvistikakle pride jM-G-M^ points to tkese year-end surveys of tke trade puklications, tke accumulated vote of exkikitors from coast to coast. \\^atck for more surveys. FIRST ™ HITS! Xliirty percent of all tke industry s Box-Oflice Cliampions in t lie last 10 years are M-G-M (QmgleyPuhlications 'Annual Poll) M-G-M was tlie Box-Ofi ice leader again in tlie past year (Box-Office Mag azine s Report, Qiiigley Piihlications Poll and others.) FIRST IN STARS! M.-G-M. leads all companies in Box-Office 5tars (Sox-Office Magazine s Report.) M.-G-M. gets 1st place and leads witk 3 out of tke first 4 top -money stars (Quigley Puhlications Annual Poll) fc Xke current season kas set a. new kit record^, even lor AI-G-jMl. Completed productions and otkers in tke making assure continued kappiness at your kox-oflice. Your security is our responsikility and to tkat we pledge ourselves anew. THE FRIENDLY COMPANY.