Showmen's Trade Review (Jan-Mar 1940)

Record Details:

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┬ęCI / B 447815 MOTION PICTURE CHARLES E. ("CHICK ") LEWIS Editor and Publisher REVIEWED IN THIS ISSUE Congo Maisie The Fatal Hour My Son Is Guilty Oh Johnny, How You Can Love invisible Man Returns Saint's Double Trouble Man Who Wouldn't Talk Heroes of the Saddle Son of Ingagi Green Hell January 20, 1940 Vol. 31 / No. 26 Entered as secorrd class matter at the Post Office at East Stroudsburg, Pa., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Contents copyrighted 1940 by Showmen's Trade Review. Inc. Printed in U.S.A. MrriTli LEWIS MILESTONE SINGLE COPY TEN CENTS ice and Men." from the widely discussed novel by lohn Steinbeck. The film, produced by Hal Roach for United Artists release, is now showing in first runs throughout the country.