Showmen's Trade Review (Jan-Mar 1940)

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Page 6 SHOWMEN'S TRADE REVIEW January 20, 1940 )ack Alicoate, Martin Quigley, Jack Cohn, "Chick" Lewis, A-Mike Vogel; sitting Maurice Kann and Gertrude Merriam, at the meeting when the judging and selection of the eleven winners of Columbia's nationwide campaign contest on "Only Angels Have Wings" took place. $4,000 in prizes was awarded — the first prize, $1000, and ten prizes of $300 each. Col. Names * 'Wings' ' Winners Top Award in Nationwide Contest Goes to Holland; Ten Other Prizes First prize of $1,000 in Columbia Pictures' nationwide exploitation contest on behalf of "Only Angels Have Wings" was awarded Sid Holland for his campaign on the picture at the Elco Theatre, Elkhart, Indiana.'^ Holland is now with the Schine Circuit in Gloversville, N. Y. The ten prizes of $300 each were awarded to Jack Lexey and Al Z i m b a 1 i s t, Broadw a y Theatre, Philadelphia, Pa.; James W. Walker, Fox Alcazar Theatre, Bell, Cal. ; Richard D. Walsh and George H. McKenna, Lafayette Theatre, Buffalo, N. Y. ; Guy W. Martin, Colfax Theatre, South Bend, Ind. ; David Kamsky, Neighborhood Theatre, Inc., Richmond, Va. ; Marion Parkinson, Iowa Theatre, Jefferson, Iowa; Jack Sidney, Loew's Poli Theatre, Bridgeport, Conn. ; W. Osborne, Warners' Theatre, Huntington Park, Calif. ; E. R. Hardwick, Lyceum Theatre, Clovis, N. M. ; Frank La Falce, Earle Theatre, Washington, D. C. Sid Holland "New York" to Open In Miami Jan. 31 "Little Old New York" will have its Miami premiere at the Lincoln Theatre, Jan. 31. The 20th-Fox picture will get all the trimmings on opening night, with bright lights, advanced prices, etc. Cincy Indies Protest Drive-In Theatre Cincinnati — Through its president, Wess Huss, Jr., the Greater Cincinnati Independent Exhibitors Association is protesting the erection of a Drive-In theatre here. The fact that children are to be admitted free and that the venture only operates part of the year are cited by Huss as detrimental to established exhibitors. WILL QUIZ 26 MAJOREXECS New Move By Gov't May Delay Trial The Government will examine 26 top executives in the equity suit, according to an announcement made this week. These eximinations will begin on Feb. 5 ,ind continue until March 25, according to the plan. The officers of each company will be examined as a group at the offices of the Department of Justice in New York. The following executives have been summoned to appear on the dates mentioned: Harry Cohn, Jack Cohn, and A. Montague, Columbia, for examination on Feb. 5; N. J. Blumberg, William A. Scully and Charles R. Rogers, Universal, Feb. 12; George J. Schaefer, Ned E. Depinet and Jules Levy, RKO, Feb. 19; Adolph Zukor, Barney Balaban, Neil F. Agnew and Y. Frank Freeman, Paramount, March 4. Also Harry M. Warner, Jack L. Warner, Joseph Bernhard and Gradwell L. Sears, Warners, March 11; Joseph M. Schenck, Sidney R. Kent, Darryl F. Zanuck and Herman Wobber, 20thFox, and Spyros Skouras, National Theatres, March 18; Nicholas M. Schenck, C. C. Moskowitz, William F. Rodgers and Louis B. Mayer, Metro, March 25. Just $50,000 Worth Bristol, Conn. — When fire destroyed the Bristol theatre building here last week, causing damage estimated at $50,000, the theatre's marquee advertised that the attraction would be "Money To Burn.' Set Wednesday as 69th Regiment Day With Wednesday, Jan. 24, designated as 69th Regiment Day by New York's City Council, a gala time is planned at the WaldorfAstoria where distinguished assemblages of military and civic leaders will gather for the 69th's reunion dinner and preview of Warners' "The Fighting 69th." Jack L. Warner, Pat O'Brien, George Brent and James Cagney will come here for the dinner. Harry Sherman, Bill Boyd in N. Y. Harry Sherman, Paramount producer of the Hopalong and Zane Grey series is in New York with Mrs. Sherman on a combination business and vacation trip. While here Sherman will see many current stage shows and also work out merchandising plans for his Paramount releases with Neil Agnew and Bob Gillham. Another arrival from Sherman's studio was Bill Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) with Grace Bradley, his wife. They too, will look in on the shows and spend their first vacation in New York in many years. Will Rogers Drive Apr. 16 Annual Short Subject Will Be Shown In Theatres When Collections Begin Will Rogers National Theatre Week will begin Thursday, April 18, it has been decided by Major L. E. Thompson, RKO executive and chainnan of the annual campaign. Proceeds from the campaign are used for the)^ DEPINET DEFENDS BLOCK-BOOKING Its End Favored By James Roosevelt in 'Debate' In an article appearing in the current issue of The Rotarian, abolishment of block-booking is favored by James Roosevelt and defended by Ned Depinet in a written debate. Instead of referring to the merits or demerits of the Neely Bill, both focus their attention on whether block-booking is right or wrong. Roosevelt urges that producers provide exhibitors with means by which they can see what they are contracting for over a lengthy period and give them the opportunity to reject what they, as showmen, know will be "turkeys" at the box office. Depinet, on the other hand, asserts that block-booking is the natural out-growth of the industry's progress — "the agreement of a retailer to buy a block or group of motion pictures and the agreement of a manufacturer to provide a steady flow of worth-while merchandise." He concludes that the Neely Bill would "be disastrous to the industry as a whole." maintenance of the Will Rogers Memorial Hospital. Collaborating with Major Thompson this year, are the executive heads of the five major circuits; namely, Charles C. Moskowitz, MGM; Joseph Bernhard, Warner Bros.; Leon Netter, Paramount ; John J. O'Connor, RKO; and Spyros P. Skouras, 20th Century-Fox; as well as Ed Kuykendall, MPTOA; Harry Brandt, ITOA; Dave Palfreyman, MPPDA; Max A. Cohen, ATO of N. Y.; and Abram F. Myers, of Allied. All have advised their organizations to aid the drive. Major Thompson announced that the following General Sales Managers have accepted appointments on the committee representing the Distributing Companies ; Neil F. Agnew, Paramount; Harry Buckley, United Artists; Edward Golden, Monogram; James R. Grainger, Republic; Ned E. Depinet, RKO; Abe Montague, Columbia; William F. Rodgers, MGM; William A. Scully, Universal; Gradwell L. Sears, Warner Bros.; and Herman Wobber, 20th Century-Fox. DALLAS TO HOLD NATl V. C. MEET 1250 to Gather In Texas City For 3-Day Convention Dallas — Plans were going forward here this week in preparation for the national convention of the Varietv Club, slated to be held April 18-20, when 1250 prominent members of show business will get together here and "let their hair down" for a big time. Host to the invading horde of showmen will be R. J. ("Bob") O'Donnell, vice-president and general manager of Interstate Theatres and Chief Barker of the Dallas Variety Club, Tent No. 17. The three networks, NBC, Mutual and CBS will broadcast the festivities. Bob Hope, motion picture and radio star, will be master of ceremonies of the convention. Darryl Zanuck, vice-president in charge of production for 20th-Fox, is expected to attend along with many other movie executives. Among the screen notables having already accepted invitations to attend are Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Spencer Tracy, Bing Crosby, Mickey Rooney and many others.