Showmen's Trade Review (Oct-Dec 1939)

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OCT -9 1939 . ©CIB 431155^^ REVIEWED IN THIS ISSUE Ninotchka Eternally Yours Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Hollywood Cavalcade Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence Marshall of Mesa City Arizona Kid Oct. 7, 1939 Vol. 31 No. n Entered as second class in^tter at the Post Office at East Strouds- burg, Pa., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Contents copyrighted 1939 by Showmen's Trade Review, Inc. SINGLE COPY — TEN CENTS Producer and director of Columbia pictures. His latest "Mr. Sr Goes to Washington" was previewed this week and gives every indication that it will be the rcnfh in his unbroken string of successes.