Showmen's Trade Review (Oct-Dec 1939)

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Nozrinbcr 4, 1959 SHOWMEN'S TRADE REVIEW Page 11 DECEMBER 3rd ILLINOIS ADMITTED TO THE UNION, 1818. This should be quite a day in that state. Have the flags flying and cooperate with any local groups observing the occasion. INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN RULE WEEK. Spon- sored by the Golden Rule Foundation, 60 East 42nd St., New York City. This is the time when everyone is supposed to follow the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." You can work up a swell gag on this. 5th EIGHTEENTH AMENDMENT REPEALED, 1933. You may want to observe this occasion but be careful lest you offend some local organizations. 7th DELAWARE JOINED THE UNION, 1787. You thea- tremen in the Blue Hen State might want to observe this occasion by cooperating with local organizations, particularly when so much stress is being laid on the Constitution. 8th FEAST OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. Parochial Schools closed. Make a play for the kids' patronage on this occasion. Revamping "Hell's Angels" Robert M. Savini, president of Astor Pic- tures, went to the Coast this week to assist in the revising of "Hell's Angels," bringing the picture up to date. The new version will be released January 1. OCTOBER, 1939 INDEX A listing of the highlights of the past month's issues of STR, indexed and cross-indexed for ready reference. Advertising Clinic Oct. 7, p. 21; Oct. 21, p. 13 Armistice Day Oct. 14, p. 12 Avon Theatre, Stamford, Conn Oct. 14. p. 28-29 Booth Equipment Oct. 14, p. 30 Bulletin Board Oct. 14, p. 32 Cameo Theatre, Brewster, N. Y Oct. 14, p. 30 Cutting Cost of Liability In- surance Oct. 14, p. 23 Election Night Oct. 7, p. 17 Equipment Literature Bureau Oct. 14, p. 34 Exploitation Campaigns—by Pictures All Quiet on the Western Front Oct. 7, p Bachelor Mother Oct. 14, p Behind Prison Gates Oct. 28, p Calling Dr. Kildare Oct 21, p Clouds Over Europe Oct. 7, p Each Dawn I Die Oct. 7, p Fifth Avenue Girl Oct. 7, p Four Feathers Oct. 14, p Goodbye Mr. Chips Oct. 7, p, Gracie Allen's Murder Case Oct. 14, p, Hollywood Calvacade Oct. 28, p Housekeeper's Daughter ...Oct. 28, p In Name Only Oct. 7, p Indianapolis Speedway ....Oct. 7, p Invitation To Happiness ..Oct. 7, p Lady Of the Tropics Oct. 7, p Only Angels Have Wings .Oct. 7, p Our Leading Citizen Oct. 21, p Starmaker Oct. 21, p Women, The Oct. 14, p Exploitation Campaigns—by Stunts 17 9 12 15 26 17 18 36 21 15 12 9 17 21 26 18 18 7 7 9 Cookie Giveaway Oct. 21, p. 7 Electric Chair Ballyhoo ...Oct. 7, p. 17 Gas Company Tieup Oct. 7, p. 16 Jungle Display Oct. 7, p. 17 Sons; Title Contest Oct. 7, p. 21 September 1939 Index Oct. 7, p. 26 Service Staf¥ Oct. 14, p. 26 Short Subjects—Exploitation Gun Play Oct, 14, p. 16 Movies March On Oct. 28, p. 16 Story That Couldn't Be Printed Oct. 21, p. 18 Showmanalyses Babes In Arms Oct. 14, p. 13 Eternally Yours Oct. 14, p. 14 Flying Deuces Oct. 21, p. 8 Little Accident Oct. 28, p. 11 Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Oct. 21, p. 9 Three Sons Oct. 7, p. 20 U-Boat 29 Oct. 7, p. 19 Thanksgiving . .Oct. 21, p. 15; Oct. 28, p. 10 Theatre Accounting Oct. 7, p. 12 "An Apple a Day . . ." Using the figure of the apple tree and Barrymore in a wheelchair from the six- sheet, Manager R. J.. Kenney of the Cosmo Theatre, Chicago, effected a neat lobby dis- play and tieup on "On Borrowed Time." He placed real apples in the tree, and at the base placed 1,000, each containing a tag which read: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away—see 'On Borrowed Time,' etc." The apples were promoted. STANDARD PICTURES presents LOST ON THE WISTERN FRONT PAUL CAVANAGH AAARCELLE CHANTAL GARRY AAARSH Directed by Maurice Elve^ N>o"*"^rn\ Fi\m service.Liev r„ P.ctu^^- Haven, Conn, independent Filn, Servjje^ N. Cal- Detroit chise noi" ^ ^^^^ T.v« Film Co -■ ■ Mbanv. - Pictures CofP ■ '^t. Loui^ Superior rn-iij^ (flempm^' Texas Film g^^^hange ytah ot^-.a^c\^>-- feature FU. ,^0- I ci\m Co. ■ -5^" l-i'tv N\o. N\aiestic ,isC« DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Inc. R K O Building 1270 Slith Ave. Tel. COIumbut 5-6345 New Yorl, N. Y. STANDARD OK THE SCREEN