Showmen's Trade Review (Oct-Dec 1939)

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Page 12 S H O E N ' S TRADE REVIEW November 4, 1939 Little Accident (Hollywood Preview) Univ. COMEDY 65 mins. (Nafl Release, Oct. 27) Credits: Hugh Herbert, Baby "Sandy," Florence Rice, Richard Carlson, Joy Hodges, Ernest Truex, Edgar Kennedy and others. Developed from the play by Floyd Dell and Thomas Mitchell. Screenplay by Paul Yawitz and Eve Greene. Produced and directed by Charles Lamont. Plot: Baby "Sandy" has been abandoned in the office of a newspaper's babj^ editor, Hugh Herbert, who is about to be fired be- cause of his ridiculous items regarding the correct feeding for babies. In order to keep his job, Herbert tells his boss that "Sandy" is his grandchild, and has been raised on the same feedings he writes about. In order to get some additional publicity for the paper "Sandy" is entered in a perfect baby contest, and Herbert's daughter, Florence Rice and her Park Avenue playboy, Rich- ard Carlson, pose as her parents. "Sandy" wins the contest and creates a scandal for her self-appointed parents, so the only "out" for both of them, is to get married. Comment: Baby "Sandy", who skyrock- eted into public favor in her first two pic- tures, repeats again in this one, which will fit as the comedy half of any program. In fact, the youngster proves one of the top scene stealers in the business, and with such swell troupers as Hugh Herbert, Florence Rice, Richard Carlson and Joy Hodges, romps through her part like a veteran. The picture is an entertaining comedy, moving smoothly and swiftly from beginning to end, and should please almost any audi- ence. Hugh Herbert, as the self-appointed grandfatlier, handles a difficult assignment in a skillful manner. Producer-Director Charles Lamont deserves full credit for an- other good one. For exploitation see Show- manalysis on page 11 issue of Oct. 28 (FAMILY) Catchline: "... and an unexpected father found a Little Accident." AUDIENCE SLANT: AN ENTERTAINING COM- EDY WITH PLENTY OF GOOD CLEAN LAUGHS. BOX OFFICE SLANT: WILL FIT IN AS COMEDY HALF ON ANY PROGRAM. The Cat and The Canary (Hollywood Preview) Para. COMEDY-MYSTERY 73 mins. (Prod. No. 3909—Nat'l Release, Nov. 10) Credits: Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, John Beal, Douglass Montgomery, Gale Sondergaard, Elizabeth Patterson, Nydia Westman, George Zucco and others. Based on the stage play by John Willard. Screen- play by Walter DeLeon and Lynn Starling. Directed by Elliott Nugent. Produced by Arthur Hornblow, Jr. Plot: Ten years after the death of a mil- lionaire, his relatives meet at his eerie home in Louisiana, to have the will read. The place that has been taken care of these many years by Gale Sondergaard, his housekeeper. Paulette Goddard is found to be the sole heir, but because of another letter, not to be Legion of Decency Ratings: (For Week Ending November 4) SUITABLE FOR GENERAL PATRONAGE Dangerous Flight jeepers Creepers Drums Along the Mohawk West of Carson City Llano Kid SUITABLE FOR ADULTS ONLY Private Detective Remember Scandal Sheet opened unless something happens to Paul- ette, attempts are made to kill her. Among the relatives who have to spend the night there are Elizabeth Patterson, Douglass Montgomery, John Beal, Bob Hope, Nydia Westman and George Zucco, the attorney. Two of the family are killed and Paulette is also caught by the culprit, but her life is saved by Bob Hope, w'ho uncovers the guilty party. Comment: The latest film version of that famous old favorite, "The Cat and The Ca- nary" has been modernized through lines and dialogues and still succeeds very well in creating loads of suspense and thrills. Although eerie enough, it carries plenty of comedy, the particular kind of humor that is Bob Hope's forte and, with its fine direc- tion and production, should prove to be one of the most successful whodunits of this season. Bob Hope, in a characterization that is different from anything he has done to date, is excellent, injecting enough of his well-known radio personality to please the most discriminating audience. Running him a very close second is Paulette God- dard, who gets an opportunity to prove her histrionic ability in her first co-starring role. Fine support is given them by Gale Sonder- gaard, Douglass Montgomery, John Beal and Elizabeth Patterson. Green floodlights il- luminating the theatre front will aid in lending a correct weird atmosphere. Series of "warning" teaser ads might be used in news- paper or over radio, warning the public that "The Cat and The Canary" is coming to your theatre, followed by announcement of "Nurse In Attendance For Those Who Can't Take It." Miniature candles might be distributed as heralds with small at- tached tags, carrying copy. (ADULT) Catchline: "A chiller-thriller that will make you howl . . . out loud." AUDIENCE SLANT: THE AVERAGE AUDIENCE WILL EN)OY THIS, PARTICULARLY THE THRILLER ADDICTS. BOX OFFICE SLANT: SHOULD PROVE TO BE ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL WHODUNITS OF THIS SEASON. First Love Univ. (Hollywood Preview) COMEDY 83 mins. (Prod. No. 3002—Nat'l Release, Nov. 10) Credits: Deanna Durbin, Helen Parrish, Robert Stack, Eugene Pallette, Lewis How- ard, Leatrice Joy, Charles Coleman, others. Screenplay by Bruce Manning. Directed by Henry Koster. Produced by Joe Paster- nak. Plot: Deanna, niece of Pallette and Lea- trice Joy, is treated as a poor relation by the rest of the family including her cousins, Helen Parrish and Lewis Howard. She meets Stack, with whom Helen is in love, when she has to explain to him why Helen is late for a date, and she falls in love with him. When Stack gives an elaborate ball, the servants help Deanna to get a dress, slippers, corsage, etc. for the occasion but she is forced to stay home to await her uncle. But the servants again chip in and the brother of one of them, a motorcycle officer rushes Deanna to the ball and arrests the rest of the family for speeding. The next day Helen tells Deanna that Stack was only fooling and she runs back to her music school determined to be a teacher. But Stack had rescued the slipper Deanna lost at the ball and comes for her bearing it as his calling card. Comment: A more appropriate title could not have been selected for this production as it is a "Cinderella" story, matching the growth of the versatile Deanna Durbin and is a happy addition to her full line of suc- cesses. It is a delightful picture, destined to outgross any of her previous successes and is sure sock entertainment for the masses. Produced and directed by those astute show- men, Joe Pasternak and Henry Koster, the team known for Deanna Durbin's previous box office winners, this picture exceeds their own finest efforts. Deanna will add a host of followers to her already large flock of admirers with her appealing char- acterization and her rendition of several fine selections. Lewis Howard, Helen Par- rish, Eugene Pallette and Robert Stack per- form featured supporting roles splendidly. .\rrange window displays with merchants handling Deanna Durbin tieup merchandise and also check' for cooperative newspaper advertising. Get spot radio announcements in advance of the showing in conjunction with the playing of Deanna's records. A Cinderella slipper stunt might be worked with a local shoe store. The title suggests some interesting teaser ads on the "First Love" theme. (FAMILY) Catchline: "A silver-toed Cinderella with a heart of gold." AUDIENCE SLANT: A DELIGHTFUL PICTURE THAT SHOULD ENDEAR DEANNA DURBIN TO ALL HER FANS AND ADD TO HER LARGE FOLLOWING. BOX OFFICE SLANT: WILL OUTGROSS HER PREVIOUS PICTURES. Our Neighbors—The Carters Para. (Hollywood Preview) DRAMA 83 mins. (Prod. No. 3911—Nat'l Release, Nov. 24) Credits: Fay Bainter, Frank Craven, Ed- mund Lowe, Genevieve Tobin, Mary Thomas, Scotty Beckett and others. Screen- play by S. K. Lauren from a story by Ren- aud HofTman. Directed by Ralph Murphy. Produced by Charles R. Rogers. Plot: Craven and Fay Bainter (the Car- ters) have a family of five children and an old-fashioned drug store in a small town. She goes to Chicago to visit Lowe and Genevieve Tobin, their wedding attendants, and makes arrangements for a celebrated child specialist to treat Beckett, the young- est son, an infantile paralysis vicitim. Re- turning home, she finds that a chain store For Additional Exploitation Ideas on These Pictures Consult the Encyclopedia of Exploitation