Showmen's Trade Review (Jul-Sep 1944)

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20 SHOWMEN'S TRADE REVIEW July 29, 1944 Three examples of fine window promotion on Columbia's "Cover Girl" are revealed in the photographs above. At the upper left is one of a series of Cover Girl Fashion windows at the R. H. White department store, Boston, promoted for the showing of the Technicolor picture at Loews State and Orpheum theatres. Of the many windows arranged in Detroit by Manager David Idzal of the Fox Theatre, one of the most eye-compelling is shown above (upper right-hand corner). Below; A showman's dream came true when Manager Boyd Sparrow of Loew's, Indianapolis, engineered a five-window display at H. P. Wasson & Co. One of the windows, with large photo of Rita Hayworth, is shown here. Tieups 'Cover^Girr Still Pay Dividends (Continued from Page 15) Store to devote four of its most prominent windows to "Cover Girl Fashions." The store backed up its windows with generous newspaper advertising. The local W. T. Grant store devoted two windows to the "Cover Girl" playdate and ran three large ads in accordance with the national tieup. Two additional window displays were arranged with the Sisson Store. The local representative of Sliire-Tex slacks, one of the 22 national advertisers tied up with "Cover Girl," arranged for several hundred dollars to be spent in newspaper advertising, plugging the products in connection with the film. In addition he arranged for all dealers to display the attractive window material prepared by the manufacturer. In Norfolk, Va., where the musical played the Center, Colley and Newport theatres, tieups were effected with W. T. Grant, Milles Ladies Shop. Schulman's department store, Rice's department store, Ames & Brownies, and SmithWells. Twenty-six other stores cooperated in giving more than average display to the picture in their windows. Picture and theatre circuits were plugged on the air for several days on the local Royal Crown Cola program. Station WGH staged a 15-minute sketch, "Let's Go to See 'Cover Girl.' " An unusual feature of the campaign was the posting of announcement cards and stills on the bulletin boards of the main post office and city hall. Indiana Theatreman is Cited for Citizenship (Continued from Page 15) Free and Accepted Masons, a soloist and quartet member for the First Methodist church. Editorializes the Anderson Herald in its tribute to the theatreman : "Mr. Wykoff's exemplary record makes complaints at volunteer projects and wartime inconveniences seem petty indeed. He has set a high goal as a good citizen. The people of Anderson are proud to call him an associate and to have an opportunity to work with him." Associated with the Switow circuit in Ander.son since 1934, Wykoff was formerly connected with Paramount Publix (1928-29), Loew's (1930-31) and Warner Theatres (1932-34). He is married and has a two-year-old son. Neglected Plant Soon Dies Just because business is good doesn't mean that you can coast along without benefit of showmanship. A neglected plant soon dies. v^ampaign on SYWA Premiere Pointed to All Types of Patrons (Continued frovi Page 15) ing was highlighted by exceptional breaks in the New . York dailies. The News, Mirror, Times, Herald-Tribune, JournalAmerican, Sun, World-Telegram, Post and PM all devoted liberal space to the picture's opening, and in each appeared special art on one or more of the film's seven stars, including an interview with Joseph Gotten, one of the stars, upon his arrival in New York. In addition to the radio plugs obtained through exploitation channels, "Since You Went Away" received pre-selling breaks on the following coast-to-coast programs : Fred Allen, Stage Door Canteen, Visiting Hour and the Chesterfield show, with the following commentators and stations carrying further credits : Adrienne Ames, WHN ; Judith Allen, WINS ; Art Green, WINS ; Bessie Beatty, WOR ; Martin Block, WNEW; Annew Bowden, WHK; Margaret Allen, WABC ; Malcolm Child, WEVD ; Nancy Craig, WJZ ; Julius Colby, WMCA ; Alma Dettmger, WQXR; Adelaide Hawley, WEAF; Johnny Kane, WINS; Paula Stone, WNEW; Martha Deane, WOR. The ad schedule cojisisted of 110-line teaser ads in all metropolitan newspapers three weeks before the opening. This was gradually built up to blend in with the regular campaign, which was topped by 1200-line ads. In addition, special ads included full pages in the News, Mirror, Post and 1000-line ads in the Sun, Times, WorldTelegram, Journal American, and HeraldTribune, with special spot radio advertising also partof this appropriation. The posting on "Since You Went Away" consisted of special 24-sheet displays throughout the city, 67 one-sheets and 30 three-sheets. Koren Ties In With Store to Pay Cost of Ad in Weekly Herald A tie-up whereby the merchant pays the weekly cost of heralds has been made by Manager Harold Koren of Schine's Malone Theatre, Malone, N. Y., with the local Sears-Roebuck store. Each week the merchandising firm pays ten dollars for an ad on a herald, program or any other advertising medium Koren may decide to use. In addition, it purchases a ticket from the theatre for each pair of children's shoes sold. Already in effect, the tie-up is proving advantageous to the Malone, and might well be duplicated by other theatremen. Reissue of Book Is Beneficial 'Jane Eyre' London Promotion An effective campaign on "Jane Eyre" prior to its opening at the Odeon Theatre, London, was launched by Selby Howe, 20th-Fox publicity director of Great Britain. The picture was twice dramatized over the radio and exploited through a series of window displays in London's leading thoroughfares. An added beneficial promotion feature was the reissue of the book. Twenty-five thousand new copies were printed for distribution in Britain and 10,000 in Ireland. Here's the window that resulted from MGM's tie-up with G. Schirmer Music House in New York on Astor Theatre showing of "Bathing Beauty." You May Need Their Help Keep up your contacts with the newspapers, local merchants, church dignitaries, etc. No telling when you'll need their help.