Showmen's Trade Review (Jul-Sep 1944)

Record Details:

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WORKING GIRL NAME — Bette Davis OCCUPATION Actress EMPLOYER — Warner Bros. NATURE OF DUTIES — Helping employer to maintain "an enviable record for combining good picture-making u'ith good citisenship." * REMARKS We've been proud of Bette Davis, of her magnificent artistry and enormous talent, ever since she came to work with us. (And no matter how easy it looks on the screen, the word is "work"— with a very large "W"I) But we've never been so proud of Bette as since completion of our new picture, MR. SKEFFINGTON MR. SKEFFINGTON is the story of a very rich man and a very beautiful woman, and of their life together, A love story? We think that even after seeing it, you won't be sure ! But you will be sure that MR. SKEFFINGTON is a picture to rank among the finest ever made . . . and that Bette Davis has no peer among screen artists. You'll be sure, too, that the company which produced MR. SKEFFINGTON intends to keep that "enviable record" enviable! WARNER BROS. are sending prints of this picture gratis to our boys overseas. JACK L. WARNER Executive Producer *Tfie New York Times RICHARD WARING • GEORGE COULOURIS • MARJORIE RIQRDAN • Directed by vincent Sherman Produced b, JULIUS J. & PHILlP G. EPSTEIN • S;--en Play by J.I'.s J. i P~Td G. Ecste" Fx Stcry by ■■Elliabeth" • Misic by F-an: Wainan Olher Cuntnl Warner Bros. Produclions: THE UVINTURES Of MM TWAIN • BETWEEN TWO WORLDS • UNCERTAIN GLORY • SHINE ON HARVEST MOON • PASSAGE TO MARSEILLE ■ IN OUR TIME • DESTINATION TOKYO • WATCH ON THE RHIME In this, the 12th of a series of national advertisements, Warner Bros, call attention to a fine actress, a fine motion picture, and a fine policy. Your comment on this series will be welcomed. "KEEP SELLIXG ^VAR BOXDS! FIGHT BY THE SIDE OF THE TROOPS WHO SEVER STOP.'"