Showmen's Trade Review (Apr-Jun 1944)

Record Details:

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THIS NEEDS THE SIGNATURE OF A PATRIOTYOU! In recognition of the meri' torious services rendered to our Armed Forces by the WOMEN^S ARMY CORPS I wish to pledge the wholehearted cooperation of myself and entire theatre personnel in promotingNational WAC Recruiting Week. I will exhibit the special trailer at every ^performance/ as well as display the advertising material, all of which will be made available to me without charge. I will publicize this campaign as widely as possible during this week and cooperate fully with other exhibitors in my vicinity in any and all activities to further promote its success. "Shoulder to shoulder with the troops in the war ejfort—'* MOTION PICTURE THEATR] WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS RECRUITING CAMPAIGN Week of May 11th thru 17th a: Your Pledge Card is in the mails. Sign it and return at once to your local War Activities Committee Chairman Sponsored by War Activities Committee of Motion Picture Industry, 1501 Broadway, New York City