Showmen's Trade Review (Jan-Mar 1945)

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3 Please mister Jo your best! -.-J TO EXHIBITORS OF AMERICA: Again we are asked by the President of the United States to perform a needed, public service. Every motion picture theatre in America is asked to enlist in the 1945 March of Dimes (January 25-31). You did a magnificent job last year. You poured into the National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis and its local chapters over $4,667,000! Some 9,000,000 seats participated — and averaged 54c per seat! The President, the nation and your committee are grateful for the splendid results. You put your hearts into the drive; the results proved that. And the moviegoing public responded generously — and respected and honored you for your part in the crusade to save American children. In 1944 savage epidemics swept many states. Great sums of money — thanks to you — were ready to be rushed to the assistance of stricken areas. Now we must replenish those polio war-chests. In the 1945 March of Dimes we'd like to have 17,000 theatres with 11,000,000 seats — and a $5,000,000 goal would not be impossible. If you haven't already done so, please rush in your pledge. Just sign your name and ^ theatre address to this coupon and mail it in. GREER GARSON APPEAL TRAILER • TWO STYLES ONE-SHEETS • CAMPAIGN BOOK GRATIS • WHEN YOU SEND YOUR PLEDGE TO SUITE 188, HOTEL ASTOR, N. Y. C. NAME. THEATRE ADDRESS.