Showmen's Trade Review (Oct-Dec 1944)

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It I hear the wars practically over. . . back ho PROBABLY it's Only natural for us here at home to feel that the war's almost won, the way the good news has been pouring in. But the war's not over for him — not by a long sight! And he's just one of millions who will stay over there until they finish the bloody mess. Or kill time for a few months — or years — in some hospital. What about you? This is no time to relax. No time to forget the unfinished business. It's still your war, and it still costs a lot. So dig down deep this time. Dig down till it hurts. and get yourself a hundred-dollar War Bond over and above any you now own — or are now purchasing. This 6th War Loan is every bit as important to our complete and final Victory as was the first. Don't "let George do it" — get yourself that added bond and help finish a magnificent job right. The quicker you reach down deep, the better you do your job for war, the more you'll contribute to ending the fight. And the quicker they'll come back — the guys that can still be killed. After all, you're safe and sound and home. Thafs worth another hundred-dollar bond to you isnH it? Buy at least one extra H 00 War Bond today SHOWMEN'S TRADE REVIEW This is an official U. S. Treasury advertisement — prepared under auspices of Treasury Department and War Advertising Council.