Showmen's Trade Review (Apr-Jun 1945)

Record Details:

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94 SHOWMEN'S TRADE REVIEW June 9, 1945 CENTURY CIRCUIT Theatres BROOKLYN QUEENS BLISS ALBEMARLE 43rd STREET AVALON QUEENS COLLEGE COMMUNITY ELM SUNNYSIDE FARRAGUT TOWN KINGSWAY LINDEN MARINE BALDWIN MAYFAIR BELLEROSE MIDWOOD FANTASY NOSTRAND FLORAL PARKSIDE FRANKLIN PATIO FREEPORT QUENTIN GROVE RIALTO LYNBROOK TIVOLI PARK TRIANGLE STRAND VOGUE VALLEY STREAM SUFFOLK HUNTINGTON A PROGRAM OF Thunder Rock One of the Ten Best— Nafl Bd. of Review On Approval Daring Comedy — ^Time Magazine Secret Mission Thrilling Espionage Drama — Film Daily The Great Mr. Handel Glorious Technicolor Musical — New York Times OUTSTANDING HITS Jeannie Best Comedy of the Year — Time Magazine The Randolph Family A Film Delight — N. Y. Daily News Adventure in Blackmail Amusing Farce — N. Y. Daily News They Met in the Dark Screen Intrigue at its Best — Variety Accused REISSUES When Thief Meets Thief Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Dolores Del Rio Amateur Gentleman Douglas Fairbanks, Ir. Margaret Lockwood iDouglas Fairbanks, Jr. Valerie Hobson-^Alan Hale Crime Over London Paul Cavanaugh Margot Grahame 1560 Broadway, New York 19. N. Y. BRyont 9-6073 M & P THEATRES M.J.MULLIN SAMUEL PINANSKI HUNTINGTON STATION