Showmen's Trade Review (Apr-Jun 1945)

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The Reviews of "The Greal By the tradepapers, with marginal notes by B. CROSBY /1h, socf? goocf, pot //ope -reoc/ iP/? /d //kc -fv t>e ob/& to SOL/ f/)/3 odout onoffjee e^ferpr/se I'm /ooc/ erf; Yep, Grref sure ^efs'em 7^e/ sujoof? a/f t/c ff?e. phoc. -Hope hQo -fo he re\/'/t/ed ■three t/m&s^ Take core, ■^/pcr/ra. •for £>or)y up doyoff/cc! Bing Crosby Productions makes its bow with an extremely diverting picture that stands to prosper beyond the ordinary. Dealing with one of the fabulous names of the world of fisticuffs, the film is certain to be red meat for the men. The patronage of the women is accounted for by the marked attention given to the romantic side of Sullivan's life. Not to be overlooked is the prestige of the Crosby "name. Rated fine entertainment of wide appeal. — f/iai dmvx Since "The Great John L." is the first entrant to sport the colors of Bing Crosby Productions, exhibitors may naturally ask what gives. The answer is that the film, a strong contender, seems assured of a fast track in the boxoffice ^"N^ sweepstakes and is an odds-on-favorite _*9_?J1''!l well up in the big money. As the Boston Strong Boy, Greg McClure will appeal to men and women alike, in addition to looking the part physically, the boy can really act. Offers women the lure of a beautiful love story. — m. p. oA/tr In his first independent production,^ing Crosby comes out with both fists swinging through a dramatization of the life of John L. Sullivan. When the pic is released it should be a great day all around, for the Irish as well as for the houses than run it. It's straight boff from start to finish. Greg McClure as Sullivan is an absolute find. -vARifry Crosby's first venture in the oroduction field is a potpourri of good boxoffice . values. Greg McLlure makes an auspicious debut in the title role. The song sequences are slickly staged and easy on the ear. "Ihe Great John L." is definitely earmarked boxoflice I — HOLtrWOOD REPORTER A lively action film with romantic overtones of boyhood love and an unhappy marriage as a subtle defense of the fantastic brawling of the heavyweight champion. There is enough boxing to satisfy the men, sufl'icient love interest to appeal to women. Linda Darnell and Barbara Britton are beautiful. -SOXOFF/CE Should score a clean cut kayo as escape stuff with the paying customers. Bing A pleasing show that ought to deliver satisfaction for audiences at large, and encourage the new Crosby company to further production efforts. — m. p, herald Handsomely mounted, carefully and deftly directed production. Greg McClure is delightful in the ring sequences where his magnificent physique and obvious skill with his hands make him a most convincing John L. Sullivan. His physical development makes all other screen athletes look puny. — SHOWMEN'S TRADE REVIEW Has plenty of boxoffice punch. A piece of entertainment that is richly flavored, brimming over with a sense of life and interest holding all the way. Will appeal alike to men and women. -THE INDEPENDENT