Showmen's Trade Review (Apr-Jun 1945)

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June 30, 1945 SHOWMEN'S TRADE REVIEW 23 HONORED AT LUNCHEON IN MEXICO CITY. During his recent visit to Mexico City, a luncheon was tendered Herbert J. Yates, president of Republic Productions, Inc. Following the luncheon, Yates announced that the company will produce at least six Spanish-speaking pictures during the coming year to be filmed in Mexico City. Emilio Azkarraga, owner of a chain of large theatres and of Mexico's two most powerful radio stations, is at the head of the table with Yates (finger pointed) to his left. the result of a Nazi shell bursting near him in Germany. The world premiere ®f "Back to Bataan" was held at the Garden here June 24 with Ned E. Depinet, RKO head, officially welcoming notables who attended. Among them were Governor Maurice J. Tobin, Lt.Governor Robert F. Bradford, Mayor John E. Kerrigan and several top ranking Army and Navy officers. Arrangements were made by Don Prince, RKO New England publicist. Boston and suburban towns and cities sports writers were guests of United Artists at a preview of "The Great John L" here recently. A luncheon at the Statler followed. John Dervin, city manager, and Phil Engel, UA publicity agent, acted as hosts. PORTLAND With the advent of 90-degree summer weather, many Portland houses are feeling effects of increased competition, with many outdoor attractions including night baseball, horse and dog races, circus days, causing a drop of from 10 to 30 per cent in attendance. Word has been received of the death of Lt. William Tibbitts, in active service in Germany. He was for a number of years assistant to General Manager Connors of Hamrick Theatres, Tacoma. James A. Pike, operator of the Nu-Rex and Empress, Spokane, is in a tax tangle with the Internal Revenue Department over back taxes — taxes due on admissions and the employment tax in 1944. Manager Stanley A. Hanson, of Grants Pass theatres, is again exceeding his quota in the Seventh War Loan. Phil Phillips, of Universal's publicity department, is covering Portland and Seattle exchanges. A cooperative preview staged by the Northwest Film Club, Seattle and Seaboard First National Banks is the first of three bond previews, with seats at $5000 and up. Russell Schmidt is now assistant ' to Conner, general manager of the Music Box, Roxy, Blue Mouse, Temple and John Hamrick's Tacoma theatres. Frank Jenkins, exploitation representative of 20th-Fox, is in Chicago for a vacation. Lt. Buddy Ebsen, former MGM star, acted as master ®f ceremonies at the 5th Avenue, Seattle, and helped sell $10 million in bonds. John Collins has rounded out 29 years with the Jensen Von Herberg and J. J. Parker Theatres, all on the same block here. Earl Keats, of RKO's exploitation dept., has left for a tour of B.C. theatres. Frank L. Newman, head of Hamrick-Evergreen theatres, has been holding conferences here. Fred Lovett, former manager of Longview Theatres, has gone to Seattle as assistant to John Danz of the Sterling Circuit. Bertha Dixon, operating theatres at Prairie City and Mt. Vernon, Oregon, has again made her quota on the Seventh War Loan. Lester N. Johnson and his associates are rushing completion on their Garland Avenue house, Spokane. Theatre will seat 900 and cost $140,000. W. H. Callaway, manager of the Alberta, Portland, has added to his film entertainment with talent from radio station KGW for the Seventh War Loan. John G. Eckhart, former manager of the Marlow, Helena, has taken over the city's bus lines. Doc Singelow and Dick Dement attended the dinner for General Doolittle at the Washington Athletic Club, Seattle. OMAHA More than 10 tons of waste paper were sent to war from a single collection at the Paramount, managed by Donald Shane. The occasion was the first showing here of "Son of Lassie," for boys and girls only. It didn't cost them a penny. but the admission price was one hundred pounds of waste paper. Invited by Adolph Lewandowski, University of Nebraska football coach, a large crowd of sports writers. Army and civic leaders gathered at the Fontenelle Hotel for a meeting with Christy Walsh, here to publicize the coming showing of "Captain Eddie." Other speakers included Mayor Charles Leeman, Maj. Gen. C. H. Danielson, commanding general of the Seventh Service Command; Rabbi David Goldstein ; The Very Rev. Thomas S. Bowdern, president of Creighton University, and Francis Matthews. Walter Hoffman, 20th-Fox exploiteer, was in town to handle arrangements. Rita Sumption, Columbia secretary, is on vacation. Pvt. Donald Madsen, son of the Republic office manager, is at a Fench port awaiting evacuation following release from a German prison camp. Olga Taylor, Republic inspectress, is vacationing. The Clearwater, Clearwater, Neb., owned by Walter Bradley, who also runs the New Moon at Neligh, has been destroyed by fire. Manpower controls in all Nebraska areas except Omaha, Hastings and Beatrice were suspended this week by J. R. Kinder, state WMC chief. RKO Biller Hazel Jensen has company from the Navy while taking her vacation here. Ole Olson has opened the Community, Earle, la. C. S. Drdla, 46, chief engineer at the Orpheum since 1927, died in an Omaha hospital last week. The World-Herald Community Sings, which usually attracts about 10,000 to Elmwood Park on Sunday nights, have opened again. For the first time, a film, "Resume of World War 11," was featured as part of the program. A 17-year-old Omahan, Barbara Lee Haynes, has been chosen "Miss California," by the Screen Children's Guild at Hollywood. Mrs. Ada Evans of Hot Springs, S. D., mother of Playwright Colin Clements, former Omahan, is in town for a few days to visit her nieces and nephews. Ray Milland or Brian Donlevy is scheduled to visit Omaha next month for Paramount's anniversary. John C. White, son of Carl White of Quality Theatre Supply Company, received his M.D. degree from the University of Nebraska last week, and has been appointed a first lieutenant in the Army Reserve. He will intern here at Immanuel Hospital. George Smith, Western division sales manager from New York, and Duke Clark, district manager from Dallas, will be here July 16 for another meeting prior to the "Paramount Month" campaign. Gail Russell also is scheduled for Omaha. Jesse McBride, Paramount branch manager, celebrated his 27th wedding anniversary June 24 and his 25tli year with the company, June 28. Sophie Volker, Paramount inspectress, is vacationing. Joe Chantry, Osceola exhibitor, will open a 400-seat house at Fairmont, Neb., in midJuly. He also owns houses at Shelby and Exeter. MGM booking auditor, Parke Agnew, is in Omaha. MGM employes attended a house warming for Checking Supervisor Harvey Stimson, last week. Gladys Pullman, United Artists inspectress, is on vacation. Esther Lynn, 20th-Fox contract clerk, is in a local hospital. WASHINGTON Three war correspondents who acted as technical advisers on the Ernie Pyle picture were given a cocktail party and press reception by United Artists, at the Statler Hotel on June 22. The Ground Forces of the U. S. Army assigned the men to the picture at the request of Lester Cowan. Lt. Commander George Werner, former short subjects booker at Warners, stopped in to say hello before hopping off for his next destination. The MGM exchange was flooded with birthday greetings for the month of June with the following as recipients : Rudy Berger, Ann Bullinger, Ida Barezofsky, Frank Scully, Margaret McMullen, and Anna Bisaccia. Cyril Mee, manager of the Opera House, Frederick, Md., celebrated his 31st wedding anniversary on June 17. Lichtman's Lincoln, under the management of Alvin Campbell, and James J. Spillers, assistant, has passed its $25,000 Seventh War Loan quota with bond sales of $27,000. According to Graham Barbee, general manager, this brings the combined bond sales of the eight Lichtman theatres to $121,175 in the current drive, which is about $5000 more than was taken during the entire Sixth War Loan. Sol Sorkin, manager of RKO Keith's, announced he will have a special screening room premiere on July 2, with a $1000 War Bond tag on each of the 50 seats. For the $50,000 show, sponsored by Benjamin Franklin Fellowcraft Club of D. C., Sorkin will screen RKO's "Wonder Man," starring Danny Kaye. New employe in Warners' contact dept. is Virginia Walker, who will also relieve on the. switchboard. Beth Davis, of the contact dept., is wearing a brand new engagement ring, and wedding bells will be ringing shortly. MGM District Sales Manager John S. Allen has returned from a business trip to Cincinnati. Bill Brooker, of the Paramount Philadelphia exchange, was a recent Washington visitor. Celo Karley, former secretary to Harry Anger, managing director of the Earle, is visiting in Tennessee. She plans to make a trip to South (Continued on Page 26)