Sponsor (Oct-Dec 1959)

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TV KID]SHOW {Continued from pa^e 35) the last year have heen joining other advertisers in year-round kid show sponsorship. (Much of the money being invested in tv comes from comic books and other print mediaj. But toys are just a part of a widening variety of children's tv accounts. A look at the types now on network and spot confirms this: foods of all kinds, beverages, bicycles, adhesive bandages, hair shampoos, cold remedies, dog food and baby food. It is not surprising that a diversification of products are turning up on children's tv shows. Dog food, for instance, is a natural since pets go with children. As for baby food, the first reaction might be, "If they're old enough to watch tv, they're too old for baby food." The fact is, that the same family of young homemakers that has a child at the tv set, most frequently has a younger one who is thriving on baby food. Consumer Magazine reports the average U.S. family has 1.20 children. With about 30% of the audience composed of mothers (Keeshan, whose Captain Kangaroo has pulled kiddie fan mail of over a million letters on special ad campaigns, reports that 40% of such a haul may have been written by the children's parents at the child's request— perhaps at the point of a plastic cosmic-ray gun ) . "Now that agencies are getting interested in tv for kids again," an adman remarked, "it'll be interesting to see if there'll soon be a breakthrough in hard goods." ^ BURNETT [Continued from page 37) ing excellence. If I may be permitted one example, I want to compliment the Post on the foresight of its editors, who are bringing us "Adventures of the Mind." Basically, the point I want to make is that magazines today have the greatest mission of their entire history, and they are muffing the ball. Americans, generally, are more moved than ever before bv a torch held over the horizon than by being told they are falling apart. America can either go ahead in thought, in ideals, in culture, or can disintegrate in its own fat. It is the mission of magazines to lead the way." ^ owt^ news \s HOTieeT Hottest news in WBT's area is the success of WBT's news programs. They outdraw the so-called "music and news" stations' newscasts by 98% more listeners mornings, 91 % more afternoons and 137% more at night. Seven news gatherers cruising in seven two-way radio equipped cars join with CBS' honored news staff to provide Carolinians with the most complete radio news service in the nation's 24th largest radio market. Let us make sales news for your product. Call CBS Radio Spot Sales for a WBT news schedule. ■Pulse 25 county orco 1959 < March i A. C. Nielsen Co. WBT CHaPLoTTe REPRESENTED NATIONALLY BY CBS RADIO SPOT SALES JEFFERSON STANDARD BROADCASTING COMPANY SPONSOR 12 DECEMRER 1Q.S9 77