Sponsor (July-Sept 1961)

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SPONSOR-SCOPE continued The past week saw a fair amount of new spot tv emerging from New York Chicago sources for August and the fall, but in not one case did anybody ev interest in 40s or 30s. Action out of New York included: Maypo( Fletcher Richards, C&H), over 80 mar minutes and 20s, starting end of August; Avon (Drerer), 15 weeks, starting 28 Auj Birdseye Baby Food (B&B), four weeks, late minutes; Post Alpha Bits (B&B), kid s minutes; Simoniz (DFS), prime 20's. Chicago and other midwest activity: Pet Milk (Gardner) ; Butternut Coffee (D'Arc; Louis); Quaker Oats' Muffets (Compton) ; American Dairy (Campbell-M), IDs for cream. Not all the pioneering favorites of radio die or fade away from the national regional scene: Pet Milk (Gardner) is resurrecting the Grand Ole Opry for spol It'll be a specially produced half-hour version for placement in southwest markets. The Opry was sponsored by R. J. Reynolds out of WSM, Nashville, for rr years, and ranks along side WLS' Saturday Night Barn Dance as the country's oldest best known hillbilly entertainments, both spawning famed recorder makers and film stars. New York agencymen who have over the years been close to the fluctuation* radio program creativity on the local level think that the medium is showing signi a big surge toward new forms and formats. Cited as the precursors of this creativity burst: • Differently conceived approaches to community service talk programs. • More and more stations pinpointing their programs to a certain potential shar< local listeners and sticking to it, instead of being everything to everyone. • The spread of the 30-second or 60-second vignette of specialized informal scope which serves as a springboard for a commercial. Like a vignette about fashion ceeding a cosmetic announcement, with the advertiser paying a premium rate. The word about July-August business among the reps isn't good: in spot particularly, they figure it'll be even lower, as compared to 1960, then they 1 anticipated. In retrospect, for both tv and radio it was a pretty strong May and a sharper dip in J than last year. Spot sellers, the tv networks have snatched still another perennial away fr you: it's Maybelline (Post & Morr), which has bought 26-week participations in Steve Allen Show and NBC TV's Saturday Night Feature. Maybelline as a spot afficiano could be depended on for about 100 markets. Lincoln-Mercury dealers are apparently running into some hardnose mar in the matter of buying at local rates, because K&E last week was dishing » quite a number of radio schedules and at national rates. K&E had been circularizing Lincoln-Mercury dealers, suggesting that they first whether they could place their radio alotment at local rates. Compton is putting Gulton Industries' Life Lite flashlights and batteries into for a Christmas promotion that will involve both spot and network. The campaign in either instance will extend six weeks, with the commitments along 1 line: (1) minutes on the Jack Paar show; (2) five spots per market a week in the ni leading markets. It's the first time that Life Lite, which recharges itself by being plugged into an elecl socket, has made use of the gift angle. Over-all budget : $2 million. 20 SPONSOR • 24 JULT 1SB ^t