Sponsor (July-Sept 1961)

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SPONSOR-SCOPE continued Motorola (Burnett), after a five-year absence, is coming back to network tv. It's committed for three specs to run late September, October and December as the spearhead of the new Motorola line promotion, stressing tv sets and stereo. Jack Benny and Bing Crosby have already been set for their own events, with Crosby elected to steer the Christmas gift pitch. ABC TV is offering a July to 17 September weekend special in connection with the Roaring 20's and the Disney series. If bought together, a minute in each can be had at package price of $10,000. Disney, incidentally, is a lameduck as far as ABC TV is concerned. The series takes up its stand on NBC TV 24 September. The pressure is on at NBC TV to find takers for a mass of public affairs shows and news documentaries that the network has on the boards in certain specific spots and as preemptionites for the 1961-62 season. The specific hours: those open 10-11 p.m. Sundays and 9:30-10:30 Fridays. The group are being offered at $30,000 a program. The network says that some of them will cost as high as $100,000 to bring in. Latest competitive twist in network radio : CBS is offering midweek packages of minute announcements on a run-of-schedule basis. Gross rate for a package of 10 such minutes is $7,000, as compared to the price of $1,350 per fixed minute. Buyers of the R-O-S package are guaranteed 85% clearance of 200 stations. What might have spurred the $700 pricing for a radio network minute: a morning minute on CBS TV now sells for as low as $2,000. Mutual is offering the Army-Navy game at a package price of $30,000, and in the process is quoting an audience of 4 million homes. Added inducements: a free luncheon for 100 invitees by the client and agencies, plus free game tickets to all attending. It looks at the moment that NBC TV will be going to bat this fall with the same daytime programing lineup : hence, it would be interesting to scan the network program prices being asked per quarter-hour. These half-hour strips, points of origination and net tariffs are: PROGRAM PRICE Say When $1,000 Play Your Hunch 2,800 The Price Is Right 3,000 Concentration 3,000 Truth or Consequence 2,825 It Could Be You 3,000 Jan Murray Show 1,000 Loretta Young 2,500 Young Dr. Malone 1,000 From These Roots 1,000 Make Room for Daddy 2,500 Here's Hollywood 1,000 ORIGINATION Live New York Live New York Live New York Live New York Live Hollywood Live Hollywood Tape New York Film reruns Live New York Live New York Film reruns Tape Hollywood NOTES Class D Rates Class D Rates Color Color, double crossplug 20' Bonus Plan, double crossplug Bonus Plan Bonus Plan Double crossplug 3NSOR • 24 JULY 1961 21